"There's only one hard and fast rule in running: sometimes you have to run one hard and fast."

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Two weeks of troubled training

Just keep repeating: "It's better to be undertrained than overtrained."

Things got rough. Just as I was about to hit my peak weeks of training, the weather soured, I started getting injured and allergies struck.

March 11. 3 in 27, didn't feel right.
March 12. 10 in 90 with 5x1000m @5K pace (better than 7 min/mile) - 200m recoveries. Strong wind gusts, flurries. Developed neuropathy in left fingers - took hours to rewarm.
March 13. 6 in 57 with 10 sprints. Groin pull on last sprint (pulled right adductor longus attachment).
March 14. 9 in 99 with 18x Indian Mounds Hill. Stiff and tired, babying injury, which was okay on the hill. Slight shin pain after, from trying not to slip on ice on downhills.
March 15: 0 (intentional)
March 16. 27 in 4:38. Injury kept me from being able to run fast, so I decided to go long - in 7 degree wind chill. Had forgotten how hard it is to run slow for that long.
March 17: 2 in 19. Tired. Sore left iliotibial band. Minor injuries seem to be shifting from place to place.
March 18: 6 in 59.5 with 6x100m "strides" in ankle-deep snow. Stiff and sore, tired. Blood blisters and ingrown toenail making any running difficult.
March 19. 10 in 75.5 indoors, Metrodome. With 5x1200m in 4:49, 4:49, 4:49, 4:51, 5:00 - 1 minute recoveries. The course is long, so these are more like 4:40 than 4:49. First 5 miles in 40:04 (too fast), which made intervals harder. Confidence building, but essentially racing in training.
March 20. 0. Ill. Asthma.
March 21. 0. Ill. Severe asthma.
March 22: 0 (intentional) Wheezing, coughing, sinusitis.
March 23: 3 in 22:39. Planned a very different workout, but had schedule problems.
March 24: 11 in 106. Tired. Long enough after groin injury to start doing stretching and strengthening exercises... which led to back spasms, muscle cramps in feet and calves and sore abdominal muscles. Can't believe how much of a wreck I feel.
March 25. 6 in 52 with 6x100m strides. Much better.


Anonymous said...

Thank you!!!

Anonymous said...

I keep expecting you to quit and have a handful of excuses but you seem to be training thru it this time. Nice Going

Anonymous said...

I still like my idea of you taking a 2 week break. If you had done it when I suggested it would be ending now and this post would most likely have read "I feel fresh, nagging aches and pains have diminished, I am ready for the final push!"

Instead what we have here is you pushing too hard for too long - On the day you believe you might be overtraining, the event already happened weeks ago.

Carilyn said...

Yikes! Sorry things have gone awry. But I still thing you rock the running log thing :). Feel better!

SteveQ said...

A few days sorting things out and I'm doing much better.