"There's only one hard and fast rule in running: sometimes you have to run one hard and fast."

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Lead Balloon Implosion

Just had a bad asthma attack - which is a good thing! I hadn't had one for a long time. Then I started doing some spring cleaning and had to clean myself up... and I started wheezing, coughing and sneezing. So now I know I'm allergic to something in the house, most likely either mold that got stirred up or detergent. I may have a solution soon.

Changed my mind about what I want to right about next on the blog. My last idea was unpopular, to say the least. I think I'll do an update on my training, then write about some specific types of workouts that I plan to do after the ultra, when I change focus to shorter races and explain the ideas behind them.


Robyn said...

Looking forward to the training update. Are you going to be at Zumbro?

SteveQ said...

I might pace someone for a lap at Zumbro - depends upon how I'm feeling at the time. Robyn, are you doing it?!

Robyn said...

The "fun run" (17 mile), training for Superior 50K. I'll look for you and introduce myself if I spot you.

tracy.rose@healthline.com said...

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sea legs girl said...

Sometimes I think about the fact that it would be dangerous to NOT be allergic to mold. I mean there's a reason we cough and sneeze aroud it, right? I mean mold should not get into the lungs. Think of that next time you are suffering.

sea legs girl said...

Oh and btw, my other name is not Tracy Rose.

Jean said...

Hope to see you at Zumbro, Steve. I'll be there for the 17 mile kids race. :)

Carilyn said...

Unpopular? It was awesome! I loved it - very informative. If you don't tell us this stuff, who will?

SteveQ said...

Carilyn, I deleted the post that was going to start the unpopular series.

Diana said...

We had mold growing up our bedroom wall behind our wardrobe for more than a year. I honestly wish that my body would have given me some clue about the nastiness lurking behind the furniture.
You could rent yourself out as a mold detector in people's homes, kind of like the way the Department of Agriculture uses those cute beagles.