"There's only one hard and fast rule in running: sometimes you have to run one hard and fast."

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Not Dead Yet

I'd been itching to do some running for a long time, but it took an extremely poor reason to get me to actually do it: a pretty young girl I know just ran a PR in a race with a time I hadn't done in a very long time and then I looked up the WAVA age-graded comparisons and we should be equals. Male ego trumps sloth every time!

Thursday, I managed three miles, with chest tightness and some coughing after.
Friday, I did a little over two miles, continuously speeding up until I fell apart (at only about 7 min./mile).
Saturday, I wasn't feeling any of the usual problems, so I threw in some hard quarters in a 6 miler, managing only two at about 5:10-5:20 pace. There was just a bit of complaint in my heels, so I bailed early.
Sunday(today), I planned to run 6 very easy miles - as the previous run surprisingly wiped me - and then try to add on one-half to three harder miles. I was plodding and abandoned the plan; I could press myself beyond 7 slow miles, but not as far as 8.

I'm in about the worst shape I've ever been in.



Richard said...

Means you have figured out your starting point. Great Job!

Karen said...

Even though it isn't as fast as you wanted, a benchmark really is great to have. Only can get faster from here, right?

wildknits said...

whoooo hoooo!!!! You ran and that is something in itself.

Now, to keep it up without wrecking yourself in the process.

Colin said...

Just don't jump back in too fast: going from zero to running every day (with speedwork at least half the time) seems dangerous to me.

SteveQ said...

Taking today off, for one, as I was stiff upon awakening, especially in my heels. I'm trying to listen to my body for once.

Carilyn said...

Yay! You're running again! If it takes a cute young girl, well, then so be it! We all have our motivation :)