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Saturday, July 21, 2012


USATF MN has decided to make some more money, so only USATF-sanctioned races on USATF-certified courses will count for records in Minnesota starting just a few days before I enter a new age class.
Here's the only place you can find that out: http://www.raceberryjam.com/indexrr.html. Click on the link, then you have to click on "Results" THEN you have to click on "MN Running Data Center Runners of the Year" and THEN in fine print on the far right column you'll find:

***Beginning August 1, 2012, only state/age records set on certified courses at USATF-sanctioned events will be recognized.

So, if I want to break John Maas' "record" mile set last year (it's not actually the record, but the best time since they started paying attention and under conditions they set at the time), I can choose from any of the following races:
Medtronic TC 1 Mile
That's right. One race only. Right at the peak of my allergies.
[I just deleted copious swearing, several times. So I'll just stop here.]

added: Minnesota Mile - Duluth on 9/9/2012 may or may not count; it depends upon who you ask.


johnmaas said...

It's kind of ironic that I've worked hard to be a marathoner/ultramarathoner; yet the only "record" I hold is in the mile.
P.S. That was the only timed mile I've ever run in my life.
Steve, just go out to TC 1 mile and run 5:14 or better.
USATF-MN will gladly accept your entry fee dollars.. ;)

SteveQ said...

John: Paul Giannobile, besides running the 4:48 "aided" at Rice Street and 4:41 on a track, has done a 4:45 that isn't listed because the race director wouldn't submit the paperwork. I think even those times will become moot now that Pat Billig turned 50; he recently ran a 5K under 16 minutes!