"There's only one hard and fast rule in running: sometimes you have to run one hard and fast."

Monday, July 23, 2012

Don't worry, there's only a few more climbing posts

Now that I can run a bit again, climbing may take a back seat for a while. The original plan was to do at least half of each of the following in Minnesota, and at least as much as anyone else has, by my birthday:

2000 foot peaks (Done: 10 of 18, leading)
Top 10 peaks (Done: 7 of 10, leading)
Top 25 peaks (Done: 11, leading)
Top 50 peaks (Done: 20, leader has 31)
All ranked peaks (Done: 25, leader has 36)
Cook County Peaks (Done: 11 of 28, leader has 15)
Lake County Peaks (Done: 3 of 10, leader has 6)
St. Louis County Peaks (Done: 0 of 5, leader has 3)

I could take or share the lead in everything with 12 more climbs, 4 in Cook County (3 easy, 1 hard), 3 in Lake (all fairly tough), 3 in St. Louis (1 hard, 2 easy), plus the high points in Aitkin and Itasca counties (one easy, one uncertain).

But I only have two more weekends before my birthday, so I'm going to miss the self-imposed deadline.

Here's a map of my progress: http://listsofjohn.com/Quads/quadsmap.php?s=MN&m=SteveQ