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Thursday, June 28, 2012

What I'm Looking For (and brief update)

Friends have become tired of hearing about my dating woes - except when it's humiliating. For example, I resorted to a dating service and had to carefully rewrite my insane exploits into socially acceptable behavior. 100 Mile treks on trails and bushwhacking through brambles and bog became "Enjoys long walks in the woods." Unfortunately, a typo made that "Enjoys long wanks in the woods."

Sort of what I'm trying to avoid, that.

I got asked what I'm looking for, so here's the requirements. I'm looking for

1) Someone with the capacity to grow as a person, without fundamentally changing who she is at heart.

2) Someone who understands that a relationship has only the value of the time and effort she's willing to put into it and is willing to make a relationship a top priority.

3) Someone with daddy issues and no gag reflex.

4) A woman who thought #3 was funny.

Would settle for the first two.

I'm really having health issues and racing may be out of the question this year. I'll be doing some more climbs this weekend and volunteering at the Afton 50K on July 7th.


Anonymous said...

See you at Afton. I'm volunteering as well.

John K

sea legs girl said...

It's funny. My husband settled for just number 3 and it seems to be working out alright.

SteveQ said...

I was kidding about the no gag reflex, of course. I've dated bulimics.