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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Recent Climbs, part 1

I climbed 5 peaks yesterday. Peak 2266 gets it's own post (and it's a doozy!) that will take some time to write.

Eagle Mountain (#39, 1665 feet)

Not to be confused with the same-named highest peak in Minnesota, this is a ski hill in Lutsen that I've gone by 30 times but never bothered to climb. It's a walk-up on a gravel road.

Blueberry Hill (#21, 1990 feet)

On the Gunflint Trail, this has a well-maintained path and is definitely worth half an hour to see the views. Blueberry bushes in flower everywhere.
A hill you can actually see in the distance, for once!

Pine Mountain (#7, 2190 feet)

Reports of this were that one could drive to the peak and it was a 50 yard walk-up. That may have been true 10 years ago, but is no longer. From the Lima Grade off the Gunflint Trail, the forest road wanted is not marked. It's very driveable in a truck, but not passenger car.

Maybe enlarging would show the rise in the distance.
 After finding the correct road and following it to where the path to the removed tower would have started, one sees what the 1/4 mile bushwhack is going to be like.

400 yards of this will tell you if you're cut out for this kind of stuff.
 Lima Mountain (#4, 2238 feet)

From the Gunflint Trail, take forest road 152 to where it meets 315. There is a sign for the path on 315 maybe 100 feet north of the intersection; everybody's report starts with saying they missed it. I missed the sign and started up a wide path that meets up with it eventually.

Enticing trail, but wrong.
 The trail is overgrown but always discernible and it is maintained, as newly sawn branches show.

View along the way. I'm not sure which peaks are in the distance.

My first wild strawberry!
Peak 2266 took 8 hours, all my wits and half my skin.

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wildknits said...

What, you were in the area and didn't stop by to say Hi?!?

Looks like quite the trip. Been up to Lima Peak - the trail was in rough condition then. Had fun exploring the summit for the remains of the fire tower.