"There's only one hard and fast rule in running: sometimes you have to run one hard and fast."

Friday, May 14, 2010

Last pre-race update

Other than having a painful lump on my shin, I seem to be ready for tomorrow's 50K. One CAN get ready for an ultra in 5 days!*

The plan is to go by heart rate, using the "bondage gear" strap again. I can manage an average heart rate of about 150-155 bpm for the five or so hours of the race, though the past few races have started at 160 and ended at 130 or less (sometimes a LOT less). This is where the "run like a girl" comment from an earlier post comes in - it's not meant to be derogatory. The "guy" method of averaging a given heart rate is to start fast and build to that average immediately, then hold onto that average by slowing continuously. The "girl" method is to run even pace, so the heart rate starts slow and builds to a maximum at the end - which is the most efficient way to run. The flaw with the first method is that it's easy to overestimate ability, ending up crashing and finishing very slowly; one sees a lot of guys (especially me) doing this. The flaw with the second method is that it's easy to underestimate ability, causing one to finish slower than one could go, with so much energy left that one feels one could do the whole thing over again; one sees a lot of women do this. And guys like me who crash and burn hate seeing women finish ahead of them looking fresh, causing them to think things like "the least you could do is put some EFFORT into it!" So, tomorrow, I'm going to try to start slow and try to relax going up Moose and Mystery Mountains the first time and save something for the return trip up them.

(For those uninitiated to the SHT, here's one of Kel's photos of the course. And here's Gretchen and Mike's dopey photo of me from last year's race)
*The validity of that statement is yet to be determined.


nwgdc said...

This is gonna be good...

After seeing that picture, I'm even more motivated to get up to that trail! Maybe in the fall...

Good Luck Steve!

SteveQ said...

I just added a second photo, so guess I should point out to everyone it's not the rugged terrain of my face that's motivating Nic.

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Way to BLOG like a girl - Bitch, Bitch, Bitch!


Good luck tomorrow, Steve!

Post pix of yourself in the bondage gear for RBR!

Kel said...

Have a good run Steve :)

Word verification = "scole"

Colin said...

$20 says you don't run negative splits (and finish faster than last year, i.e. in under 7 hours). I'm serious; just post your turnaround split and finishing time. If your second half is quicker than the first, I'll happily pay up. I think my money is safe -- I don't think you're capable of "running like a girl"!

Good luck out there, and please refrain from picking up any new permanent injuries!

Pam said...

Your "running like a girl" definition is like reading my own race report! Good luck tomorrow.

RBR said...

[RBR continues to wear concerned face]

Such a boy.

Try to be careful.


I have had negative splits on every marathon I have ever run (except the one where I had 6 asthma attacks and had to walk it in. California girls ain't made for running in 22 degrees F) I laugh joke and smile after a race and have never put my dislocated shoulder back in place using a tree, broken my tibia, or torn my popliteus. I am just saying, running like a girl isn't all bad.

I think you look cute in the pic, you need to flash the bondage gear to get upgraded to HAWT. :)

ShutUpandRun said...

Good luck!

So if a male is a masseur and a female is a masseuse, what's a transgender massage person? What about transvestite?