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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The yearly fashion post

Life's been challenging lately and I haven't decided what, if anything, I'm willing to say about it. So, instead I thought I'd do a puff piece on the fashions at the Golden Globes (yeah. I bake pastry, write poetry and pay attention to fashion. I'm a Hello Kitty lunchbox and unicorn poster away from complete girlhood).

The major trends at the Golden Globes were: strapless, purple and flounces. Of those that followed those trends, Olivia Wilde pulled it off best - LAST year.

This, however, is what she wore this year:

For a dress that's being auctioned to aid Haiti, you'd think there'd be a better photo that's not licensed.

The other common color was salmon/peach; Maggie Gyllenhaal ended up looking like a boiled shrimp, but it was perfect for Christina Hendricks.

Talk about golden globes! Designer Christian Siriano must've sewn a cantilevered bridge into that dress. I think we have the answer here to Ginger vs. Mary Ann.

The rules for strapless gowns: you either have to have breasts or want to look flat-chested (which is why it works on wedding gowns; it's extra-virgin). You have to wear a light color to accentuate the outline of the bust. I'm pretty sure there's another rule, but I'm a little distracted...

Added analysis:

Color: The best color for Hendricks is probably a light blue, but the colors of the night were purples and oranges. There was an ocean of purple, so orange was the right choice. A pure orange would've clashed with her hair. A redder or pinker orange would've taken away from the peaches and cream complexion. This was the right shade - the lipstick's a shade two bright, but that's not the fault of the dress.

The flounce: Flounces are difficult to get right and few attempted it. The dress Chloe Sevigny wore had one that ran vertically up her sides and across the bosom and it kind of worked, even though it fell apart in the rain and got stepped on. Usually, they get added to the hem and look like a dust ruffle. Other horizontal choices would fail completely. This diagonal manages to take a simple dress interesting, taking away the monochromatic by subtle shadings in the ruffles. The flounce would've looked tacked on if not for the gathers running the opposite diagonal across her breasts - so one's eyes, once they stop staring there, get pulled one way and then the other, taking in the whole.

These gathers do bring another problem, pointed out by others: they make the dress look tight and uncomfortable, though, from Hendrick's comments (and ability to move and sit), it was okay. I think this is a good compromise. Hendricks is known for her voluptuous form, but she wears padding on her show "Mad Men;" this dress allows one to see her actual shape. Though she's probably a size 6/8 at most, the room was filled with size 0's and 2's and there's a risk of looking fat by comparison. This dress shows her curves, but also the tapered waist and the flounce keeps her from looking "hippy."

Best hair goes to penelope Cruz. Too bad about the dress, though.

Armani Prive should at least flatter

The best dressed overall is an easy choice. Some women look good no matter what they're wearing, like Anne Hathaway. At this function, it was Jennifer Garner. Even the earrings are perfect. Unfortunately, I can't find a flattering photo; trust me, it looked better than this:

Um, Christina's married, isn't she? I love that she told reporters that after the show she was getting a cheeseburger at a drive-through and then going home and eating it in that dress. My kind of woman!


RBR said...

"The other common color was salmon/peach; Maggie Gyllenhall ended up looking like a boiled shrimp,"

Yep, that was a coffee snorter.

You reclaimed your "uh huh, he is a total guy" status with this one

"Talk about golden globes! Designer Christian Siriano must've sewn a cantilevered bridge into that dress. I think we have the answer here to Ginger vs. Mary Ann."

But do you really think there was room for a cheeseburger in that dress?

Nice recap and I agree, that is a horrid pic of Jen Garner and her dress. Glad to hear it looked better live.

Helen said...

I didn't see Maggie Gyllenhall but can't imagine what she lo9oked like if you thought that colour was perfect for Christina Hendricks.... or maybe it was the style that put me off... or maybe... I dunno, I guess I'm looking at it a different way! She just didn't look very comfortable but I guess that wasn't the goal...

Beth said...

I like the new picture on your blog. YOUR feet are actually off the ground at the same time. I'm working on that. Did you know who the "golden globes" actress what before you saw her on the show? I've never seen her before. I'm guessing she has a few more fans now.

Anonymous said...

I just don't see how a monochromatic blush of salmon and peach colors could look aesthetically appealing on threads. Hendricks flamboyant features on the dress actually make it better somehow. The plush wave of fabric looks like a flying buttress, but in art nouveau style. Personally I prefer a simple (less is more) clean look. Formal yet borderline flirting with casual. My vote goes toward Christian Dior and Tom Ford pieces. Garner, yes! She's easy on the eyes, that's for sure.


SteveQ said...

Wynn, I dress myself in Dior, Calvin Klein, Princess Mara (ties) and Burberry myself (on the rare occasion I bother) - but awards shows are meant to push things a bit.

Yes, I knew who Christina Hendricks was before the show, though I'm not a fan of "Mad Men." I have a well-known weakness for redheads, even Clairol ones like her. That dress could've, perhaps should've, gone horribly wrong; the fact that it works at all is why I like it. Helen, you're right; that color wasn't perfect for her - I misspoke - it was just better than what others did; orange is a tricky color range to match with shin tones.

SteveQ said...

Skin tones, not shin tones. I can't type.

SteveQ said...

And Countess Mara. Man, where's that coffee?

Jen and Angela said...

Funny! I found you thru' Kelly. I am so glad that these women are keeping the Beverly Hills plastic surgeons employed. Heck, somebody's gotta do it! Great blog. Jen

Anonymous said...

Steve, red heads find a soft spot in your heart than you will surely find the wonderful actress in Terry Gilliam's "The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus" extremely attractive. She has a strange and unique beauty kind of like a Christina Ricci. Oh yeah, and Terry Gilliam's illustration and "worm hole" fantasy is wonderfully imaginative and happily reminds me of those classic Monty Python segues he used to create.


Anonymous said...

and now for something completely different.

SteveQ said...

@Wynn - you must mean Paloma Faith. Doesn't work for me, for some reason - same with Amy Adams.

@Jen - Which Kelly? I should point out that Hendricks' assets are natural, which is especially rare in Hollywood.