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Monday, January 27, 2020

First, the Goals

I'll be writing about how I want to train this year and what I'm actually doing, but first, I thought I'd list my goals for the year.

A) Score a point in the MN runner of the year standings (18:03 5K or 5:13 mile last year) or, much more likely, match my age-graded best time of 18:59 for 5K.
B) Be in the top 10 runners in my age class in the state at 5K (19:33 last year) or make national class standard (19:23)
C) Make the MN runner of the year standard at 5K (20:59)

There are a lot of big 5K road races in Minnesota that I've never done and they come about once per month, so tentatively, my schedule looks like the following

[Dates are from 2019]

Fitger's April 27
Brian Kraft May 27
Wm. Irvin June 21
Torchlight July 24
Scheels Healthy Human Aug 24 or Milk Run Aug 25
Stillwater Log Run September 21 (downhill course; this is my focus)
Gray Ghost Oct 21

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