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Tuesday, September 15, 2015


I've done an analysis of everything Superior 100 related and... Hegge's splits are unique. Not just in that race, or in ultras, but in all of running. That's all I'm going to say on the matter.
Now, back to Afton 50K thoughts. The over-50 record according to the website is 4:27:27 and I think that's soft, so I've thought about whether I can do that. Looking at John Horns' times at various distances, I think he could run 4:02. Looking at the best times at various distances for a number of contenders, 4:00 is a strong possibility for someone. Conway's 25K record equates to a 4:05.

Then I saw that Larry Ochsendorf ran 3:55:43 at Afton at age 50 in 1995 on a very slightly easier course (he also ran TCM in 2:53:59 and the Superior 100 in 22 hours that same year).

Game over, man. Game over.


Robyn said...

I want to know more about your Superior analysis. Based on an old post of yours suggesting the lower limit on a perfect day at Superior was around 20 hours, I subtracted 30 min for the paved-road start and came up with 19:30 as the lower limit. The weather and trail conditions were essentially perfect, and Hegge ran 19:30:xx. He and Borst were together till County Rd 6, then he left the AS a few minutes ahead. I'd love to hear more of your thoughts on it!

Richard Chrz said...

I think Jake can move the needle again, this was his first time running the race. At some point this record is going to sit low 18.

Tracizzle said...

What were his splits? What are you suggesting? (this is Sea Legs Girl, btw)

SteveQ said...

Only after posting did I see that this looks like I was implying something other than that I was bored with Superior for the moment. I guess I'll have to do a full post on the matter, but it won't be very interesting, I'm afraid.