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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Pre-Rant photo #3

Guess people actually want the rant. But first:

This was part of the front row at the 1986 Kaiser Roll. From left to right: Nick Manciu (won the Cleveland Marathon that year in 2:18; with John Bielinski behind him), Rolf Schmidt (won the Omaha Marathon - in 2:16?), Dick Beardsley (won London and Grandma's Marathons, PR of 2:08:54), Barney Klecker (World 50 Mile record setter; still has the American record).

Except Beardsley, none of them ever were professional runners. None of them are wearing advertising. When was the last time a major marathon was won by someone local? When was the last time runners of this caliber ran in Minnesota without a major purse for winning?

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