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Sunday, November 17, 2013

33: The New reality

All I'm trying for now is small improvements.

Tuesday: managed three 800m repeats, rather than two. Then had an asthma attack.

Thursday: managed 8 hills, rather than 7.

Saturday: ran an Afton loop 5 minutes faster than previous time. Fell at 9 miles - really hard.

Sunday: one mile - very sore from yesterday's fall.

Big, good news

I've suffered moderate to severe depression my entire life. This summer, it was noted that my vitamin D levels were a bit low (as are everyone's in Minnesota), so I was put on megadoses.

6 weeks later, the depression lifted. Hasn't been a problem since! I'm a little at a loss, as I feel I've wasted decades when a cure costs $10 a year.

A new player

Out at Afton, I ran a bit with a guy that I met out there, a triathlete. I mentioned that I was training for the Afton 50K and hoping to beat a 52 year-old guy who's broken 11 hours in an Ironman. This guy said that he's 50 and trying to break 10 hours. And he's running Afton as well.

That's now 5 major players in the old guys division.


sea legs girl said...

Steve, I'm trying to make sense of that fact that- if Vitamin D is your problem - why you also have had depression in the summer. I'm not saying to stop taking it; I just don't quite understand. Thoughts?

wildknits said...

One of the first things our providers do when a patient comes in with symptoms of depression is check TSH and vitamin D.

First rule some of the more easily addressed medical causes.

I have seen Vitamin D levels as low as 4 (30 - 100 being normal, with 60 optimal).

In our effort to combat the risk of skin cancer folks use a lot of sunscreen, blocking synthesis of vitamin D. Not saying this is true in Steve's case.

I have also heard people say it is "impossible" to have normal vitamin D levels in Minnesota. Not sure I buy that (mine was checked and was within range, prior to adding a low dose supplement).

Steve - glad to hear you are feeling better. And that you had what sounds to me like a decent training week.

Seems it has been a bad season for asthma issues. I think the combination of damp, cool weather and the heating season has caused an overall increase in inflammation - and therefore symptoms - for me.

wildknits said...

*First rule OUT some of the more easily addressed medical causes.*

Olga King said...

I am starting from scratch too. May be I should pick Vit D while I am at it.

SteveQ said...

On an unrelated noted, I'm STILL waiting for someone to ask who the little girl in the header photo is and why I posted it.

Anonymous said...

Who's the girl and why did you post it?

SteveQ said...

Well, that kinda took the fun out of it. She's the poster girl for a genetic disorder which is supposed to be rare (yet I know 3 people with it) and has as one of its symptoms a "distinctive triangular face." Cute, though, isn't she?

Alene Gone Bad said...

Hey Steve, glad the depression has lifted with the Vitamin D. Always a good idea to keep tabs on those things, like Lisa said, TSH is another thing to check, especially as we age, thyroid function can sometimes drop off. A resurgence of competition in the old guys division? Awesome.