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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Steve's Birthday Race: 3 month warning

I hit a new age class this summer and want to celebrate by putting on a race that's like the ones from when I first started running.

The Nonspecifics

Course: Distance will be more than 5 miles but less than 10K, on road and very hilly. It will be on the east side of the Twin Cities metropolitan area (exact course will be given to entrants). The course will not be closed to traffic and there will be no aid.

Time and Date: Saturday, August 4th, in the morning, but not as early as most races.

Entry: The race will be free, but limited to 70 entrants, so bribery (let's call it "birthday presents") is highly encouraged. Entry is by invitation only; invitation can be obtained as follows: Pick someone to be your rival and decide between the two of you how much time one will spot the other [this way, a 34 minute 10K runner can compete against a 45 minute runner fairly; both have to race for every second, as they don't know how well the other will do]. Send me a message, here, by email, or on Facebook, with the two runners' names, the time differential and "what you bring to the party." I'll make a list of official entrants and let everyone know who's running.

Awards: Bragging rights. Maybe birthday cake.

Volunteers: I need three, so if you're too injured to race 10K or think it's beneath your dignity to do such a short race, you can still take part.


Colin said...

Very considerate of you to give us the 2 month warning a month early!

Sounds like a good time; I hope I'll be able to make it!

SteveQ said...

Colin, I knew my mistake as soon as I posted, but lost my internet connection.

Jean said...

This is an awesome idea!

What I would bring to the party is that I will be able to identify nearly any bird seen en route during the race...and I can bake some good cookies.

Now I need to find a rival! :)

wildknits said...

Hmmm.... finding a rival..... maybe there will be a northern contingent allowed to participate?

Jean will take care of birds, I could take a stab at flora (though you know how those southern species stump me when running).

I am sure I can contribute some sort of foodstuff as well, though with all the running gourmands I am a bit intimidated ;->

Anonymous said...

Count me in as a volunteer. Maybe I could guard the cake and Jean's cookies during the race. Do I need to find a rival for that job?

John K.