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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Where I Am, Where I'll Be

Currently, my training has been back on track for a few weeks and I'm about where I was in early February. To show how poor a memory I can have about some things, I had to look up just what went wrong the last time I was in about this condition. Oh... right... sprained ankle, bacterial infection, asthma. Man, what a mess. There's no way to say where my training will go from here; I'll just take things as they come. I'm thinking of only one or two very short races in late summer or early fall.

This is the beginning of racing season in this area and I've been spectating at a number of races. This weekend is the Trail Mix 50K and I plan to be there, probably taking photos on the ski hill and maybe running one of the four loops with someone who looks like they could use an unofficial pacer.


Carilyn said...

Good luck with the comeback, Steve. You'll have some fun things to blog about, I'm sure :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Steve! Hope to see you at Trail Mix tomorrow. I'll be at the North AS 6-10. I worked Zumbro last weekend and thought you might make an appearance. By the way, runners thought the new course was way harder than the old. Times won't correlate.

John K.