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Monday, March 26, 2012

Just an idea

I've been thinking about all the races that have disappeared over the years. Most of them collapsed because the one person willing to work on them stopped having the time to organize them; they grew in popularity, the increased numbers brought new problems and expenses, they declined in popularity but the problems and expenses didn't go anywhere, they died. It's often one small thing that kills a race; for example, the Ed Fitz 100K was done in by traffic concerns in Two Harbors.

I was thinking that for my upcoming birthday, I'd  resurrect a race. If it works, perhaps I'd do it every year, a different race each time. The races would be by invitation only, so extremely small-scale, done old school with no trophies, no shirts, no traffic control (which would mean altering most courses), no aid stations for shorter races and minimal entry fee, essentially a "Fat Ass" run done as a race on roads.

I'd like to bring back the Afton Coulee 10K this year, Saturday August 4.


Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Ah shot the Afton Coulee 10k. Jes' ta watch it die.

You bring it back ... Ah reckon Ah'll jes' hafta shoot it agin.

Jean said...

I love this idea!

A couple of long standing races that I enjoyed which have died in recent years - the Easy Does It Race in Plymouth (I think the organizers just got tired of doing it after 25 years), and the Frigid 5 at the Fairgrounds (no idea what happened to that one, but I always liked the stocking caps!).

I am guessing the Lumberjack Days 10 miler has now gone the way of the dinosaur since they canceled Lumberjack Days entirely.

Karen said...

That's a really awesome idea!

Carilyn said...

That is so cool! I only wish I lived somewhere close so I could participate.

SteveQ said...

Jean, I thought of those same races. My affection for the Frigid 5 goes back to the hat from it I've worn since 1984. 1984!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds great Steve, but tell us more about the Afton Coulee 10K. My boys often roller ski in Afton and call one of the big hills out of town the Coulee. Sorry about the late response; I'm having trouble proving I'm not a robot.

John K.

Jean said...

A Frigid 5 hat from 1984...that is some classic MN running memorabilia!

Will you be resurrecting the Chiwaupee, or is that legendary race actually still in existence? ;-)