"There's only one hard and fast rule in running: sometimes you have to run one hard and fast."

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

This week's photos

Painted turtle (see it?)

Grasshopper and his wooden cousin

Glacial erratic

Blazing Star with (I think) Red Admirals

Stupid human trick

Indian Paintbrush volunteers in my lawn (unusually late)

Volunteer crabapple
My neighbor's chickens (mostly Silkies)

Asparagus berries


wildknits said...

Love it! But I wonder if the Indian Paintbrush isn't Orange Hawkweed? Problem with common names ;->

The turtle was well hidden, but visible - just.

The grasshoppers are becoming very abundant now aren't they? Had one bouncing off me while running today (this weekend I was trying hard not to step on numerous frogs as I ran the trails at Jay Cooke State Park - or were they toads?).

I can also do that stupid human trick, though not as well now as when I was younger. Loved grossing other kids out with that!

SteveQ said...

@Wildknits: Oops, I meant "Devil's Paintbrush," which is Orange Hawkweed.

SteveQ said...

...and those are monarchs on Meadow Blazing Star (the variety can be told by the flower shape).