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Friday, July 29, 2011

TV shows I'm surprised I like

Well, I stayed on topic for the better part of a week. Time for something not a propos.

Some people think I'm a curmudgeon, because I write a lot about what I think is wrong with things, rather than what's right. Some think I'm an elitist snob, as I tend to be into rather arcane things (I'm currently reading the novels of Robert Musil and Alejo Carpentier, for example). Some think I'm so jaded I can only enjoy things ironically, which would explain my fondness for films that contain ninjas, zombies and cavemen. [c'mon, somebody make "Ninja Zombie Caveman" already!] I hope none of them are right.

Here's three television shows I've been enjoying lately, that I would not have thought I'd like:

Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition

I don't like the home renovation version of the show, nor do I like other weight loss shows like "The Biggest Loser," and every episode of this show is exactly the same. Yet it's very watchable, somehow. If someone can explain this to me, I'd be interested.

Curious George

I don't have kids and I don't smoke pot, so why am I watching this? Sometimes happy endings are tacked on and things are wrapped up a bit too neatly, but overall, I get sucked into the stories.

Bob's Burgers

This one I can explain. Not every episode works, but the characters of Gene and Louise make me laugh every single time and I'm always surprised at what lines are written for them. My rule for comedy is: three jokes a minute makes you the funniest person on earth; two makes you the dullest - it works for stand-up, sketch, slapstick, just about all comedy styles. One episode of Bob's Burgers had the funniest minute in television this year:

Bob's wife, Linda, turns on the light to see her husband in the living room... with a cow (joke 1). Bob says, "You won't even notice it's here." (#2). The cow pees on the floor. (#3). Bob says, "It was like that when we got here." (#4) The cow's still peeing. A lot. Even for a cow. (#5). Their son, Gene, awakened by the noise, enters the room and says, "This is the greatest dream ever!" (#6) Then he adds, "Everyone! Take off your clothes and pee on the floor!" (#7).

Added: The whole scene can be seen here.

Okay, now I can go back to writing about running again.


Jean said...

"Bob's Burgers" definitely sounds more interesting than what I have on right now. I am currently watching Guy Fieri shovel Polish food into his mouth on the Food Network.

Pharmie said...

I totally agree with you on Bob's Burgers. I'm not a fan of most of Fox's cartoons, but that one really makes me laugh.