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Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Day in the Life of SteveQ

The Minnesota Landscape Arboretum is having a contest to name a new variety of rose. My entry? "Thornzilla Mutilator." I think people would buy one just for the name.

I went to buy gas and realized my wallet was gone. I tried to retrace my steps and think of where it might be, but it was no use. I drove home, looked up the numbers for my bank and credit card company to cancel the cards and then got stuck. I needed money to buy gas, so that required a trip to the bank, where they'd want a picture ID, but the only one I didn't lose was my (outdated) passport, which is in a safe deposit box in a different bank, further away than I had enough gasoline for. That meant the next trip was going to be to get a new driver's license, which was going to require paying a replacement fee - but I had no money, credit card or ATM card. This was getting annoying, to say the least.

The doorbell rang. There were three people at the door: Trailer Park Goth Girl (on summer vacation from Mankato State), Supermodel Diva (who I really wish I could post a photo of - she went to college on a volleyball scholarship and, in heels, she stands about 6'6", cinnamon-colored skin, grey eyes and (chemically treated) long straight blond hair)... every woman immediately hates her, and a tall willowy strawberry-blonde who made me think "Ooh, cut me off a slice of that!" until I realized it was Goth Girl's boyfriend. They found my wallet! Unfortunately, since I had canceled all my cards, I still had no way to get any money. I had to bum $20 from them on top of it all.

It's been raining for several days and I kept hearing a dripping sound. I'd sit in my living room, hear it, get up and head toward the kitchen, where it seemed to be coming from, and it'd stop. I checked to see if perhaps my  gutters were clogged. I checked to see if the drip was under the sink. I checked the basement to see if there was any puddling. I checked toilets to see if perhaps one had a bad flapper valve. I'd go to bed, hear it, get up... and it would stop. Eventually I found that the condenser on my refrigerator went bad.

And, since it was a day in SteveQ's life, I ran a few miles in the rain.

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shannon said...

Think of it as a drill should you ever really lose your wallet. If at some point in the future that should occur, rest assured, you've been through the drill and know to do - thereby reducing the sense of panic that can often cloud good judgement.

Also, your wallet story was incomplete in that you didn't explain where it was found ... perhaps it was at Supermodel Diva's house ... do tell ... :)