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Friday, June 24, 2011

Birthday Run Plan

Early this year, I said one of the things I'd like to do is to try to climb all the 2000 foot peaks in Minnesota - in one day. My birthday (Aug. 6) falls on a Sunday, so it sounds like a good time for a try.

Anyone want in? A day of driving and bushwhacking, interspersed with rocky climbs?

Added: It's impossible to do them all in one day... I think. The plan now is to do the BWCA Misquah Range: Eagle, Lima, Brule, Pine, Gaskin, Misquah Hill, Peak 2266. Four of them have no summit trail!

And: Good Lord, there's more than 20 peaks over 2000 feet just in Cook County, according to the one guy who's obsessed over this! An email from him tells me that this is an impossible endeavour for someone who gets lost as easily as I do.


BrianFlash said...

Several reasons I won't attempt this:

1) I can't keep up with you
2) "You're going to drive to Minnesota to do what?" says the wife.
3) I'm guessing here, but there are probably more then 2 2000' peaks.

Good luck on the climbs!

SteveQ said...

The plan got both easier and harder in the last half hour. There's only 9 peaks (rather than 13) and they're within driving distance of each other. The downside is that one requires a canoe portage.

shannon said...

I'm a Leo too (Aug. 2nd)! I've got a better idea ... Leo makes me think Lion ... Lion makes me think Africa ... Africa makes me think Sahara ... which leads me to "Run the Sahara". Steve, we should run the Sahara to celebrate our birthdays! Are you in?!!

Chris Swenke said...

sounds like an awesome adventure but that portage mike me the kicker.

sea legs girl said...

I just checked my calendar and I am going to be tied up taking care of a newborn in Denmark. Otherwise, I'd totally be in :). Along with Vincent Van Gogggg. I love the Gomez song already! I find Jens L. too intellectual to run to. And the problem with Modern Lovers I think is twofold: 1. I am female 2. I was born too late.

Climbing all of the peaks sounds like a great birthday plan, by the way. Is the plan to do it within 24 hours necessitating a 12 am wakeup?

wildknits said...

Hmmm - does this mean they are all within striking distance of the North Shore?

There is talk amongst some northern runners of taking on the SHT 7 Peaks Challenge all in one day. Possibly in August. Must be the year for this!

Deb said...

I would totally do this with you, if only Minnesota wasn't so stinkin' far away from me. Wanna climb the Adirondacks? There's 46 peaks over 4000 feet. Might take more than a day, though! ;)

RBR said...

I am totally in! I think that repeated, extreme hiking, at elevation, with no recovery time is EXACTLY what the doctor ordered after MONTHS of career ending respiratory problems.

As a matter of fact, I will navigate! What could possibly go wrong?

You do need mood stabilizers.

BTW: July 25. I am a leo, too. Go figure.