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Thursday, February 10, 2011

More Valentine's Humor

The closer St. Valentine's Day approaches, the more advertising I see from jewelers. The major chains are really hitting the TV airwaves hard, especially Kay Jewelers. They have the best slogan: "Every Kiss Begins With Kay." That's so much better than the alternative: Every kiss begins with The Promise of Jewelry.

I've gone through that stage. After that, it was more: Every kiss begins with her saying "Not on the lips; you didn't pay for that."

Now, I'm at: Every kiss begins with my holding Snausages between my teeth.

(and no, I don't own a dog.)


Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Where can I get some of that Surly Ale in NJ? And how is it with Snausages?

Quit yer belly-aching about how few click-thrus you get from my site. I guarantee you'll get way more than three from today's post.

[Disclaimer: NOT a guarantee.]

Diana said...

I bet lots of animals love Snausages. Your possibilities are endless.

Beth said...

God#$% I fell for it while I was at GQH's b'og. I'm sooooo easy! (That's what HE said!)

Dude - those pics of all the broads with their cooters hanging out is just so ... well, let's just say you ain't right.

Good luck with the snausages.

Xenia said...

Diana's comment is awesome. There's nothing for me to add. My work here is done.

Jean said...

Ha! Too funny!

Surly Abrasive is awesome. I hope you can bring them on as a corporate sponsor!