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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Finally - a good election joke

As some of you know, I have on occasion written jokes for stand-up comedians. The current election cycle has been especially mean-spirited and, frankly, I haven't found much funny about it. Today, however, as I went to my polling place, I was made to laugh really hard (and that's not easy). After filling out my paper ballot, I put it into the optical scanner and an election official said, "We really should move that paper shredder!"


Emz said...

n i c e.

Can I steal your line? headed there soon.

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

He was probably fired for saying that. (It betrays a liberal bias, clearly.)

wildknits said...


Election judges are not always known for their sense of humour (said by a former election judge).

shannon said...

Steve, I looked for the bright orange prison jumpsuit, and given the festive orange environment of the race, didn't spot you. Actually, I was probably laughing when I passed by at the 1/2 and 10 mile split. I overhead a exasperated runner behind me say, "Hills, I was told this was a flat course." So funny, that slight incline was anything but a hill!