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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

500th Post!

Somehow, the drivel on this blog has consumed 500 posts already. Looking at the statistics, the most-read post was the "Why Men Run Faster Than Women" one, but this appears to be due to its being referenced by some bozo who believes men are naturally better than women in all ways. Secondmost was "100 Mile Training Plan," which I had to update because it's not really all that great but people keep finding it in searches.

The most commented-on posts are the race reports. I've reread some of them: some are well-written. Who wrote those, anyway? My favorite race report was the first Chiwaupee one (the third is in the works).

Since this blog began, readers have been subjected to bad dating stories (to find the best one, search for the narcoleptic dog), to an endless array of new TV shows based on lazy wordplay (new fave: "Losing It to Jillian." From the promo: "You're way to old to be a virgin. Strip down, we're doing this! NOW!"), to odd interests of mine (especially the Evil Kitchen posts and book reviews) and a lot of pseudoscientific training theories.

Coming up, I hope to get on with my comparison of various coaches and their marathon training plans. I also hope to describe the upcoming Ramsey County Fair - the worst festival on the planet (and I've been to Sand Burr Days), describe some of the interesting foods in this area often thought of as a culinary wasteland (maybe I'll tell of a dinner Marcus Samuelson made for me), and detail my own training and perhaps racing.

Maybe I'll even endorse a product. Or post a photo! Or reveal how it is I seem to have never had a job! (or cut down on the use of parentheses!)

Or maybe I'll just get increasingly pervy and gross.

Note added: I'm up to 62 followers (welcome Euro-trailtrash!) and dozens of women ultrarunners allowed to beat me. Guess which group's growing faster?


Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

but this appears to be due to its being referenced by some bozo who believes men are naturally better than women in all way

Whoa! Whaddaya gotta go around calling me names for?

No, wait - I didn't reference your post that way! I just saw "bozo" and I guess I just assumed you were talking about me.


This almost makes me regret starting that rumor over at RBR's blog that you stir your drinks with sex toys.


Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Yeah, there appears to be a problem with comments this morning, because when I posted at RBR's site today, YOUR comment wasn't there. In fact, only Xenia's was.

Now there are like 4 others ahead of mine, including yours.

What a bunch of BOZOS!1!

RBR said...

...dozens of women ultrarunners who are allowed to beat me...

Well, there seems to be question as to whether I am a woman, and I am certainly not an ultrarunner, but I was hoping I am allowed to beat you.

*evil grin*

GeorgiaSnail said...

...and that's why I keep coming back....

Helen said...

yay - I am restored to the list!

Jean said...

Congrats on hitting 500, Steve! Loved the Chiwaupee report (one of my favorite writings of yours). Love the reports from Steve's Evil Kitchen (more, please!). And I would love to hear you Marcus story (I have his "Aquavit" cookbook, and his Swedish meatball recipe gave me a new appreciation for a dish I never much cared for).

Xenia said...

Steve, you need to add hyperlinks in your posts. I'm a fetus compared to you and don't have the attention span to search for things. Help a lazy embryo out here.

Btw, congrats on your post milestone.

SteveQ said...

@RBR: *(blush)*

joyRuN said...

I love the dating stories. Not as much as the fashionista post, though. That one was TEH AWESOMEST!