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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

25 Things I Like Too Much

I've been coming off as a curmudgeon lately, finding fault with everything, so here's a list of things I like more than I probably should. I got tagged by a bunch of people to do a "7 Random Things" post, but this blog's pretty random at heart, so I'm doing this instead.

1) Hot mustard. Wherever most people would put tomato paste, I put mustard and the hotter the better. Don't eat leftovers from my fridge unless you come prepared.

2) Teff. This grain is always ground into flour in its native Ethiopia, but I like the dark brown variety as a breakfast cereal. Nutty, grassy, chocolatey...

3) Rollercoasters. God knows why.

4) Bad red hair dye. Many a woman has caught my eye with Crayola Brassy Carrot.

5) Bernese Mountain Dogs. 130 pounds of cute happiness.

6) Maine Coon Cats. Guess I just like big pets.

7) Oban Scotch. In my heavy drinking days, with the amount I spent on it, I could've bought the distillery. Talisker's a close second.

8) Run Bitch Run blog. Even she's not sure why I hang out there so much.

9) Chicago blues. You might think you've got my musical tastes pegged, but my i-Pod's full of William Clarke and Junior Wells.

10) Jack MacGowran.

11) The local "Dunwoody has design?" ad. It's run ad nauseum here, but it's perfect. Surprisingly, it's nowhere on the internet!

12) "Diggstown." I've seen this movie 20 times at least. Good cast, so-so film, but I like it every time.

13) "Bullet in the Head." This early John Woo film is one I always want to recommend, but who on earth could I recommend it to?

14) Sudoku. Yeah, I got caught up in it.

15) Queen Anne architecture.

16) The Frisian Islands.

17) John Dickson Carr mysteries.

18) Jim Gaffigan.

19) Copper. More than platinum or gold, I like copper.

20) Women smarter than I.

21) Risley acts (Foot juggling).

22) Boston Red Sox. If the Minnesota Twins are playing them, I cheer for the home team, but nothing's better than the Sox beating the Yankees.

23) Cottonwoods.

24) Izzy's Norwegian Chai ice cream.

25) Widmer's 8 Year Cheddar.
I started and ended with food. Time to eat!


ShutUpandRun said...

How come I'm not on list? Or maybe I fit into the "women smarter than me" category. If only.

Xenia said...

I enjoy sudoku and want to own a Queen Anne house by the time I retire.

And now I've been introduced to Run Bitch Run's blog. Thanks. :)

SteveQ said...

@ShutUpandRun: It really is "women smarter than I." Kinda answered your own question! I don't like you too much, just enough, though the pig tails... maybe the next 25.

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

I never felt I had your musical tastes pegged. But, that said, I don't consider Chicago blues to be inconsistent with what I think I know about you.

What I find inconsistent is ... you have an iPod? That's like learning the unabomer¹ owned controlling stock in Micro$oft!
¹ And yes that single-"b" spelling is correct!

I guess if I were a chick, I'd be one of the ones who's "smarter than I" where "I" = "you".

But I'd never date you because MY affections can't be bought with a f*cking COPPER ring!1!

Phil Specter, Phil Specter, Phil Specter!1!

SteveQ said...

@G: It's not like I BOUGHT an i-Pod! You mention Unabomber and Spector... methinks you like killers too much.

RBR said...

Jeez, even your random list of likes makes me feel stupid and uncultured. I sure as shit know that I do not qualify for number 20.

I think you like Run Bitch Run for the same reason I like Housewives of Orange County. It makes me feel smart and deep.

That or you are just into ultra groupies that adore you *smooches*

sea legs girl said...

Steve Q, yes, yes, great list. But I love the grammatical conundrum. So fun. The reason the I/we is so confusing is the sentence is short for "women who are smarter than I AM". I only know this from Danish, where there would be a comma after women and thus the next part of the sentence should be able to stand on it's own. Good grammar call at least. BTW, exactly how many of these women have you met ;)? There have got to be a lot more with bad red hair dye.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Buddy Guy Rules!

Joe said...

I heard a blues song about Maine Coons once.

Jean said...

Widmer's cheddar and hot mustard are indeed things to like! Have you been to the mustard museum in Mt. Horeb, WI? I want to visit there someday. Mustard is my favorite condiment.

Also, from your earlier post, Camper Van Beethoven is also a very likable thing!

Anonymous said...

I can only hope for the sake of Dunwoody that the students were not the producers of that commercial, or I pitty any graduate who majored in broadcast/communication. It is a fantastic commercial though. The guy is a tool, and his response to the girl's major sounds as if he is trying to belittle her. Better than waking up to the EMPIRE carpet jingle or fat Dick Enrico's 2nd wind sporting goods Italian mob jingle.


RBR said...

How does a man get to be in his 40's without ONE SINGLE embarrassing picture posted on the internet?!

You look all cool and athletic.

Totally unfair, IMO.


SteveQ said...

Jean, not only have I been to the Mustard Museum in Mt. Horeb ("the Troll Capital of the World"), I know it moved last summer.

RBR: There's embarassing photos of me out there - maybe not sitting on an ATV, but bad enough. They ARE hard to find, though.