"There's only one hard and fast rule in running: sometimes you have to run one hard and fast."

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Temp post: Superior 50K in brief

Ran conservatively, didn't fall, didn't get injured. Finished in 5:56:16. (Yawn)


Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...


O, are we boring you, SteveQ?

Well f*cking excuse us!

Congrats on the great time.

Still, my 5k time was waaay faster.


GQH: 1

SteveQ: 0

SteveQ said...

G: your 5K was about what my 5K split was. So there. One-all, your serve.

sea legs girl said...

That is unbelievable (in a good way). Congrats!

Kel said...

But...was it fun?

Anonymous said...

I was thinking this morning that Mr. Quick's chance of finishing the race without incident was 15%. So happy you beat the odds, your an amazing runner - congratulations!

Londell said...

Congrats... This is better than i would have done all out!

Scream'n Turtle said...

Your time and finish were better then mine.
I didn't make Superior race,there went "the moon" OHHHHHHH well. Good job on making the start/finish line.
Way to hang in there.

Colin said...

Considering the circumstances, sounds like a great race! Of course I want to know if you were able to run negative splits -- do I owe you the $20?

I experimented with your "run like a girl" strategy this weekend also, and it worked great! See here. I must have done something wrong, though, coz I sure didn't feel fresh at the end.

PiccolaPineCone said...

a quick perusal of previous years' results reveals this is a PB on this course by 12 minutes. WTF? Congratulations! Can you walk today? Looking forward to the race report not in brief.

RBR said...

Holy Christ.

PR'ing the damn thing only reinforces your reckless ass behavior.

If I did not have this damn ultrarunner obsession, your finishing time would not make me hot at all, nor would I perch impatiently at my computer waiting for the full report. Just as a matter of principle.

p.s. do not start analyzing my comma usage now it will only make you insane. I am Queen Comma Splice.

SteveQ said...

Colin, you animal! 2:57! Way to go, no matter how you did it.

Helen said...

Wow - Colin - that was an awesome run. What a consistent pace! I am glad you didn't feel fresh at the end :)

Steve - congrats on the 50K finish - and I know you'll be man enough to wear the t-shirt at Afton and not try to weasel out of it on a technicality. Oh and you have a week to decide the colour or else I get to choose that too!