"There's only one hard and fast rule in running: sometimes you have to run one hard and fast."

Thursday, May 27, 2010

More bad training days

Yesterday, I headed out to the Brickyard again to run hills. Despite the sunburned shoulders, I ran without a shirt and without sunscreen (thinking: it's shaded, it's okay). Being half-dressed is sort of a way of life for me, and I took it in stride as yet another class of 9 year-olds on a field trip laughed at this old guy in the shorts; if they're still around after an hour, I tend to get grudging respect from them, as they can't imagine anyone running that hill that long. [Or maybe they've just run out of insults.]

I quit very early. Perhaps it's the change in weather, perhaps trying to change my running schedule too drastically, perhaps only my short attention span that's making me stop early every day. Whatever it is, it's not good.

I'm looking at Voyageur and I'm sure I can break 9:30, even in the state I'm in, which would be a best for me on that course. I'd like to try for more than that, but I need to do some actual training if that's going to happen.
Meeting cute (and blowing it)

I was standing in line in a coffee shop behind a guy listening to talk radio and a woman in surgical scrubs. The rather strident voice from the guy's device (didn't catch just what electronic doohickey it was) was apparently giving a speech: "There's a cancer in the heart of America..."

I couldn't help but add, "Yeah, it's an oklah-oma."

Scrubs girl snorted. "Thanks for that. I've never laughed at cancer before."

"That's nothing. I've got a whole 20 minute routine on meningiomas."

"You should tell it to me over dinner."

12 hours later, I was a complete loser again at dinner. Apparently, I need jerks to make fun of. Fortunately, they're not in short supply.


GeorgiaSnail said...

you tweeked the end of that blogpost?

sea legs girl said...

Ha. Okla-oma. Nothing like a good cancer joke.

Re your survey, we often call The Lorax a poindexter when he is dressed to the nines, so that one's definitely not an insult. Doubt we'd call him Glaven under any circumstances :).

Thanks for the Flo & The Machine song rec. I like it. Cosmic Love is also pretty good.

I'm feeling I'd better start training more seriously for Voyageur with you thowing out times like 9:30.

SteveQ said...

Yeah, GeorgiaSnail, I tweaked it. Some people's names in posts screw up my Google Analytics.

Besides, some targets are too easy (ahem, Glaven).

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Don't look - (I mean that literally: DON'T LOOK!) - now, but I just made that post even MORE disturbing!

Remember: DON'T LOOK!1!

SteveQ said...

SLG is right. 9:30 would be challenging. 10:00 is more likely for Voyageur (and would still be a personal best on the course)

RBR said...

She was sunk. How can you resist a good nerve sheath tumor sketch?

Sorry the resulting date did not go as hoped. Ever consider it was just not a good match, rather than you being a loser? For the record, I have yet to see any evidence of this loserness of which you speak, but then again, I am just an obsessed fan.

RE: Western States (or Tahoe, or Miwok, or...) - You come out I will totally crew for you! Sadly, I can only crew. I am not fast enough to pace you even at mile 80 when you are hallucinating and talking to wood nymphs in the forest. Although my ever present running perkiness may make you faster, or lead to more coherent thoughts while running "If I kill it, will it stop chattering? Is it possible to disarticulate an entire human body and still maintain a 9:30 pace?"

Something to consider

SteveQ said...

RBR! I was just thinking of coming up with a new excuse to visit my brother in the Bay Area (or niece in Santa Barbara, or cousin in San Diego for that matter).