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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

When I have to take time off from running, I invariably start looking at what more I could do. It usually ends with me chasing down some legend in the record books.

This is a tough, tough place for masters runners. The Minnesota records for men over 50 (I'm looking ahead a few years) belong mostly to Doug Keller and Paul Brown. Take a look:

4:41 mile
16:17 5K
34:40 10K
1:16:42 1/2 marathon

The marathon record is listed as 2:50:48, but that's an error. It's closer to 2:40. Unless Steve Plasencia has it, in which case it's probably under 2:35.

Note added: Norm Green and Kjell-Erik Stahl both ran 2:26 in Minnesota after turning 50. The record in Minnesota by a Minnesotan over 50 is Alex Ratelle's 2:30:42.

What about the ultra distances? Surely they must be easier... Well, those records are no longer kept! I have a list from 2005 with the records for men 45-49 in Minnesota.

100K in 6:31.

That's right. 6 1/2 minute miles. 2:50 marathon pace for 62 miles. That's Don Ritchie, from Scotland, who set that at the old Ed Fitz. The records for native Minnesota men 45-49:

6:42:48 50 Mile
8:23:23 100K
17:37:51 100 Mile
127.0 miles in 24 hours.

The first two were by either Garrett Tomczak or Tom Andrews. The record for 24 hours was broken by Paul Hasse, who did 131.38 two years ago (and he set the 100 mile record in the process, but I don't have the exact number).

I got to wondering about even longer races for guys my age. Only US records are available. The 100 mile and 24 hour records for my age class are mostly by Roy Pirrung of Wisconsin, so the local talent doesn't disappear here, either. I saw the age-class 6 Day record (yes, people run for 6 days) was 624.4K (388 miles) was by Tom Andrews in 2001 (age 46)... of Minnesota. Then I noticed that the records hadn't been updated since 2004. The new record, set in 2005, was by Danny Ripka (also Minnesota, age 47)... 478 miles.

80 miles a day every day for 6 days!

This is why Matt Patten keeps track of how many guys named Matt are ahead of him in races (he'll be first or second Matt at Zumbro this week, most likely #2) and why I still find myself thinking I'd have to run the Superior 100 Mile in 30 hours to be the fastest guy named Steve from my hometown (pop. 35000) to finish it.

Maybe I should move to somewhere less competitive...


Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Too bad you didn't have forward-thinking parents, like me. Because I've always been the top-finishing Glaven in any race I've run. In fact, I hold the Glaven record in races I haven't even run yet and have no intention of ever running.

You should start racing under the name Evets, which is just "Steve" backwards. You would also have to run the race backwards, though. Plus, if any girl named Yvette bests you, you're in second place, because "Evets" is really just a variant of "Yvette".

Hey, I don't make the rules.

Colin said...

Chasing those records does seem like an exercise in futility.

How about using one of those age-graded calculators (e.g. this one) to see how close you can get to your PRs from the 1980s in age-adjusted terms?

For instance, to beat your age-adjusted marathon PR you'd need to run right around 3:00 flat. Tough, but at least in the realm of the possible.

SteveQ said...

Colin, that marathon record was an ambarassment at the time (I was in 2:30 shape) - I've never done a great marathon. That 5 Mile and that 3K, though, age-graded would be tough!

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

re: 1st and only

Yeah, what is up with that? People liked me more when I was mean. I'm an utter failure as a nice guy. It's as though people think I'm insincere.

Insincere? [clutches pearls] ME?

Matthew Patten said...

Howard is not running. I will be the only Matt :(.

Like your picture change. Is that Greg fishing for something not there?

Jim Sheehan just set a MN age record for the 400 Meter 2 weeks ago (he did it in Boston)

Anonymous said...

Hey Steve are you going to run the trailmix 50k? not looking ahead or anything. or planning. just wondering since I will be there and I just happen to read this blog.

Ross said...

What about weight classes? Maybe put on a few stone and run the fastest ever 100 miles for someone weighing over 200 lbs?

Stones, miles, pounds...whatever happened to the metric system?

How about the fastest 100km by someone weighing 100kg? Has a certain symmetry to it.

Psyche said...

Seriously, what is UP with all the fast runners in Minnesota? You may need to move to another state. Rhode Island?

62 miles at 6:30 pace??? That is insanely, crazy fast!

BTW, I like your new picture.

SteveQ said...

Anonymous, I'd love to do Trail Mix, it fits in beautifully with my schedule and I can sleep in my own bed (a major plus for me), but alas, I'm hurt and the race is not cheap (I got comp'ed last year for winning the year before). I'll be spectating.

SteveQ said...

@Matt: Maybe the caption of the photo should read "I need an adult!"

Adam Culp (Crazy Floridian) said...

These are some truly crazy numbers. As I learn more about ultra running (having only finished one 50 myself) I am amazed at others accomplishments.