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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Since you asked

Unanswered questions have been piling up.

Bill P. asked if I had any more ideas for TV shows. "Dealer Ordeal," "Lore and Ordure" and a few others keep floating around, but the only one I like is from the people who brought you The Mentalist... This week on The Incrementalist: "You're going down for first degree murder! Maybe second. Possibly third."

As I've been looking at comparing races, I got asked about the Bandera 100K. It doesn't work well in my analyses, appears to be "hollow," that is, draws a handful of very fast runners, but not many good local runners, perhaps due to Rocky Raccoon coming next week, or just to being a 100K in January. The records set there this year appear soft, the men's by about 10 minutes.

How's my training going? Not well. I'm 130 miles behind my total in January last year, and that was well behind what I did a few years earlier. Longest run: 25K. Looks like "Mr. January" is dead and gone - no 50 mile hill run this year!

What races do I have scheduled? Superior 50K definitely, Afton 50K probably, then either the Marquette 50K and Wild Duluth 50K or do Marquette as a training run and go for the Superior 50 Mile win. Perhaps a bunch of short races in between. Not going to pace at Western States, after all, which frees up the summer. Wish I could squeeze in the Voyageur 50 Mile.

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Pam said...

I think the fast runners were only at Bandera because it got added to the Montrail series this year. It was a great race, but it was an unknown local event before this year - likely for some of the reasons you state. Even with new course records this year, I agree they are are still soft; the women's 50k record there is like a goose-down pillow!