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Monday, February 8, 2010

Poem for St. Valentine's Day

Sleeping Beauty

You're so much easier to love when you're asleep:
There's a playful smile on your gentle lips
And your skin glows softly in the moonlight -
But when you wake, your eyebrows furl,
You set your jaw
And your cheeks turn blotchy as you start to yell.
You see, I too am easier to love when you're asleep.


Julie said...

Hi Steve,
Ha ha, very funny!! I think we all sometimes think and feel that way about our loved ones!! Okay, so now you have to write a sappy and romantic V-day poem:)

trailgrrl said...

loved your poem
how about this:

a rose by any other name
does not cost 20 bucks for 12...
so buy some booze
and call it a rose

SteveQ said...

Michelle, how about three bottles of Four Roses Bourbon?