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Monday, February 8, 2010

Just a bunch of names

A couple of things came together for this post. One was Chad's interviews, where he asks what great Minnesota runner from the past one would like to run with. I've been fortunate to run with or race against all the greats up to about 1990, with the sole exception of Buddy Edelen, whose career ended before mine began. The other was looking for races leading up to my goal races and seeing the Ron Daws 25K again.

I beat Ron in a race once. I also beat Barney Klecker and Dick Beardsley (three separate races: the mile (1600m, actually), 5 Mile and 3K listed in the records at the bottom of this blog). I thought about who my heroes were when I started running. Lou Zamperini and Derek Ibbotson in the short races. Dave Bedford, Gerry Lindgren and Derek Clayton at the longer ones.


Olympians and world record setters. Just names now... unless you look them up.

Buddy Edelen
Ron Daws
Barney Klecker
Dick Beardsley
Louis Zamperini
Derek Ibbotson
Dave Bedford
Gerry Lindgren
Derek Clayton

You may notice a theme...

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