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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Two Questions

1.) Anyone else interested in doing the Chicago Lakefront 50K or Clinton Lake 30 Mile on March 27? I'm thinking I need a tune-up race about then.

2.) When talking about a baby whose gender you don't know, do you say "It's a cute baby" or do you say "He or she is a cute baby?" Just had an argument about this stupid point.


Mike said...

1. Clinton Lake was full last time I checked otherwise I would like to do it.

2. I usually won't comment otherwise number 2.

Jen said...

2. What a cute baby, what's its name? - should suffice.

Anonymous said...

Some parents can be (irrationally) insanely insulted when one doesn't immediately and correctly note the gender of their baby, so I usually just exclaim, "Wow, what a cute baby!" or "So cute! What name did you choose?" And wait for a reply that usually includes a "he" or "she".

Beth said...

Yes, go with the silly baby voice and say, "What a cute baby!" You mean you aren't going to tell us how in the world you ended up in an argument over this? And which side did you take?

nwgdc said...

I'm interested in the Lakefront 50K BUT
am much more interested in the Trailbreaker Marathon, which I think may be a GREAT fit for you. It's 20 miles of paved rails-to-trails with a great climb and descent of the Ice Age Trail in the middle 6 miles (3 out, 3 back). Great run, and something around 3 hours normally wins it. Consider it!
Free lodging and a GREAT burger place on the way home if you're interested.

Tricia said...

"What a cute baby!"

SteveQ said...

Nic, you're right! Trailbreaker might be the thing to do. I'd forgotten it, since they missed a year.

Everyone else: I meant when talking to a third party, not the parents when the baby is there. Beth, a friend of mine was upset that I referred to a baby as "it," given it's being a person (see, I did it again). Gramatically, baby is gender neutral. She countered that you wouldn't talk about the president of a company as "it" - which led to a side argument I won't go into. I then added that cigars handed out in waiting rooms say "It's a boy!" or "It's a girl!" and then admitted that I timewarped into 1960.

Helen said...

You say... "Wow, have you seen their baby? Rather them than me..."

Sorry Nic - I know lil G will be a beaut, boy or girl.