"There's only one hard and fast rule in running: sometimes you have to run one hard and fast."

Sunday, December 20, 2009

No More Mr. Nice Guy

Okay, enough frivolity for a while. I've decided: I'm running the Superior 50 Mile in 2010. I'm going to win it. I'm going to set a course record (7:58). Any racing done prior to it will be specific to that goal (probably just the Superior 50K). Anything beyond that is distant future - 2011 might be FANS 24 hour and Superior 100, 2012 setting state records for my new (gasp) age class.

I've never done well on the Superior trail and I've never done well at a distance beyond 50K. Then again, I've never given either a fair shot. Last year, for example, I did the Superior 50K after 200 miles of races in the previous month.

I'm tired of screwing around. I'll post my training only if I think it promotes my chances of reaching my goal. Right now, you're all just competition.

Be afraid. Be very afraid. I'm out for blood again - this time, someone else's.


ShutUpandRun said...

Yeah I am afraid. I am very afraid of anyone who thinks they can run 50 miles and maintain a sub 8 min/mile pace. I'm shaking. Literally.

Anonymous said...

The warrior has returned! :)

Londell said...

Welcome back Mr. Hyde... Only I assure you as the guy who goes for the other record (slowest) I am not the east bit scared...

Happy Holiday's

Matthew Patten said...

OOooohhh. So scared.

This should be interesting, and fun.

If you are really going to do this..... no excuses.

If you trip and tumble head first down the Crosby Manitou gorge, its your own fault.

Good luck.

Commence overtraining

nwgdc said...

Fantastic! This should be good...

nwgdc said...

by the way...i'm TOTALLY in on a "Year of Glaven" Post!

Bill P. said...

Steve, have you been skipping your medication again? :-)

We just may have the possibility of a new blog photo opp. for Mr. Quick.

I'm giddy with anticipation.

Carl Gammon said...

"Right now, you're all just competition." Thanks, Steve, I'm pleased to be included among your competition. (Ha!) And don't worry, I'll still be nice and turn you around if I find you going the wrong direction again.

Guy said...

Steve, I will gladly step off the trail and allow you to pass. But if I see you 100 yards from the finish, all bets are off.

SteveQ said...

Well, that surge of adrenaline and testosterone's fading fast! I just realized that Gardner's course record, run on the new tougher course would translate to a 2:30 marathon. That's pretty dang solid.

Andrew said...

That was easy.

Now what???

Anonymous said...

now that's the kinda spirit i like to see. good to know there is competitive rabble-rousing in the blood. I love it. we all like the camaraderie, the fresh air, yada yada yada, damnit, it's a race! we racing today boys!! huh!. I got tired of reading ultra blogs where runners were sounding way too soft. Good to see you have that "squirrel cage" spirit and tenacity. Go as hard as you can for as long as you can.


if you break the CR then you need to drink sweet nectar from the border battle cup, and it better be nothing less than 180 proof

Anonymous said...

the new course is a lot tougher by far. Just like the Duluth 50km course is tougher than Superior 50km.

Amazingly enough there is there is more running to be had than meets the eye on that Superior 50km. One thing I noticed in the marathon despite the awful heat was that Mystery did not seem bad at all and ran most of it albeit fairly slow, but did not seem nearly as hard as when i did the 50km. Maybe due to the higher mileage.

save yourself until you reach the top of Carlton Peak and then let er rip. Delusions of grandeur through the Crosby gorge can easily be smothered

sea legs girl said...

In the end, all I care about is I not get dropped from the list of women allowed to beat you in ultras.

SteveQ said...

@Beth: It's not the distance or the pace, it's the terrain. Check it out: http://www.adventurerunningco.com/uploads/4/4/5/9/445977/8635177.jpg

Scream'n Turtle said...

Course records ,winning races? Did I decide to leap from the mellow MNTRS 2009 to Ultra series in 2010 to have my blood ripped from my viens. You ultra's starting to scare me.
Better start eating my metal nuts and nails for breakfast and farting lighting bolts!!!UUHHHH
Oh knows, might even get a first time beginner's Ultra luck at maybe passing MR. Quick somewhere in next yr. series race to say Steve, "how's this blood taste."!!
YAAA, I'm starting to feel the ultra LOVE! !!
2010 is going to be a ULTRA blast for me-This is just the stuff old bald headed Turtle's thrive on.
See you at Trailmix 50k 2010. already signed up for my first ultra.
Take care train hard,
"Scream'n Turtle"-first time ultra virgin
Jim W.

Anonymous said...

mellow running is for everyday training runs, running without a purpose. Good to see Mr. Quick has the "Ignatius J. Reilly" attitude toward racing like it should be!