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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Even more silliness

Once again, I have some ideas for new TV shows. This must be about the fifth time.

Dr. Ooze - Just like Dr. Oz, but with more seepage and pus. The doctor's catchphrase: "Can I poke it?"

Are You Faster than a Road Grader? - Contestants answer questions while trying to outrun 20 tons of grinding and crushing equipment.

The Colbert Contort - Same as the Colbert Report, but done with one leg behind his head.

and two that are probably funny only to me:

Enfleurage - Entourage clone, done in a perfumery. Lots of fat people pressed into elevators.

The Johnny Ace Christmas Special - recreation of Johnny's last Christmas performance, complete with backstage action. [Look it up.]


Diane said...

I was hoping I'd be smart enough to find your last two ideas funny without having to look them up, but alas, wikipedia was necessary for me to appreciate it.

I liked "Smarter than a Road Grader".

RBR said...

Thanks a lot man. I snorted coffee out my nose at work. I am a high school biology teacher, like I need to give them more reasons to mock me? Sheesh.

SteveQ said...

Diane, smart's got nothing to do with it. I have yet to make a good joke about most simple things, but have two regarding the Merovingian empire. It's a matter of taste.

I have none.