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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

This week's best joke

It's a tie this week.

The owners of the Chicago Cubs have filed for bankruptcy. When asked to explain, they said that spending money you don't have is how Chicagoans win the Nobel Peace Prize.

That joke writes itself. I've heard versions of it already from others, so I have to include a real-life one from my personal life:

"Do you think I'm short?"
-No, I just think you're very far away.


Jean said...

I laughed out loud at both. Grat stuff, Steve! :)

Jean said...

...that should say "Great stuff!" I need to proofread better! ;-)

SteveQ said...

Another little joke to see is on the UMTR website under "About UMTR." One board member hadn't written her biography (she had more than a year) so I wrote it for her. Despite a couple of errors (I know all chauvinism isn't male chauvinism), the more you know Alicia, the funnier it is.