"There's only one hard and fast rule in running: sometimes you have to run one hard and fast."

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Actual Running

This three week gap between ultras has allowed me to finally do something other than short recovery runs. I keep going faster every day! It isn't until after I write it down that I think that 7 miles in an hour is not a hard run - how that was a warm-up three years ago - but it's so much better than what I've been doing that I'm actually looking forward to the 100 miler.

I may do a hill run today. I may finally get out to Afton this weekend. Maybe it's the weather, but I am enjoying running again. Looking at my calendar from last year, at this time I was running a lot further and a lot faster, but I was pretty depressed and anxious. Slow but happy is a trade I'm willing to make.

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Anonymous said...

You would have really enjoyed our conversation at Finch's on Friday. We recited best infomercials, sitcom characters and episodes of the 80's-90's. Tony would be the perfect pacer deep into a 100 with his completely useless yet humorous sitcom knowledge.
Probably can't remember jack squat from my ACT tests or grad work, but I can tell you every character in 227, or the time Stan surprised Dorothy of a freak pregnancy in Golden Girls. Or Al Bundy's expression whenever the kids and wife left.

good to see you're feeling strong and do i dare say rested? The Kettle is calling.