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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Zumbro Predictions

There's no official list of entrants for Zumbro yet, so this is all based on hearsay. The 100K is going to be a wide-open race full of talent and fun to watch.


1.) Kevin Grabowski. He had an extremely fast Ice Age 50 last year and he's been training with some of the best runners in the Midwest. He's not running - see comments.

2.) Eric Youngblom. Eric's unbelievably talented and extremely young (I have neckties older than him). I'm thinking that this is his distance and his kind of course.

3.) Matt Patten. Though he'll deny it, Matt could win it all. He's in great shape and has his long runs, mileage, speedwork and taper all worked out. Plus, he's run further on tougher courses. I'm putting him third just because Kevin and Eric have the speed advantage under 100 miles.

4.) Justin Youngblom. About as talented as his younger brother, Justin hasn't run as much as 50 miles, so he gets relegated to fourth. If he runs his own race instead of racing and old injuries don't flare up, he could place higher.

5.) Darryl Saari. Anywhere else, Darryl would look pretty good, but he's got some horses to contend with here! Darryl may choose to pace his wife, so I'm putting him here.

6.) Lynn Saari. Automatic women's winner, if no one else signs up. Good bet, even if there are others.

100 Mile

1.) Scott Meyers. Scott had some mediocre runs last year, but he was the first to sign up for this race and he did 27 hours at the Superior Sawtooth in 2007. That makes him the favorite.

1.5) Nolan Ming. I forgot him. He's got a lot of good 100 finishes and paced Dale Humphrey at Superior, so he can run technical fast.

2.) Steve Quick. I could finish anywhere from first to last. I suck at technical races, haven't finished a 100 before and am running injured. On the other hand, I always have one great race, usually early in the year and my training's gone well. And I have a little talent.

3.) Susan Donnelly. Another automatic women's winner. Susan's slowed the past couple of years, but she's tough and this course is almost identical to where she trains in Tennessee.

4.) Steve Grabowski. If planning decided 100's, he'd win. He's ready. For him and Mitch (see below), this is just a training run for the Arrowhead 135!

5.) Mitch Rossman. I think Mitch plans on running with Steve, but I don't think he can stay with him the whole way. It's a youth and enthusiasm vs. age and experience thing.

6.) Pierre Ostor. Pierre has the ability to do well, but he just wants to finish.

7.) Phillip Gary Smith. Phil loves to run at night, so he should be in the 100K, where he'd have a good shot of finishing, but I think he's signed up for the 100 mile and I don't think he's ready.


SteveQ said...

Just heard Kevin's crewing, not running. The last I heard, there were 13 entrants, so I'm missing one; I thought it was Kevin. There's a rumor it might be Storkamp.

Carl Gammon said...
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Carl Gammon said...

From your blog entry, "I... am running injured. On the other hand,...". Quite an interesting and well placed word choice. :-)

[Posted earlier, but had to fix my spelling.]

Londell said...


Still need a one loop at night pacer? I am sure i am coming down to help out and would like one night loop...

SteveQ said...

Nolan Ming's the other runner I forgot. He's in the hunt for first.

Londell, I think I'll need someone to get me started on the fourth loop whenever that'll be, as it'll be tempting to quit with a 100K finish at the end of a lap.

Steve said...

Other runners in the 100 mile are: Rob Apple, Dallas Sigurdur, Dale Humphry, Jerry Kramer, Garrett Mulrooney, Andrew Pederson, and Daryl Saari. I've heard of Apple, Sigurdur, and Saari before, but have no idea what their level of talent is. I'd put Mitch Rossman ahead of me since he's run 100's before and is in better shape from his AHU training.

As for me, I'm just looking to finish and will be running a very easy pace. No racing for me unless I happen to be in the mix late in the race.

Matthew Patten said...

Thanks for the vote of confidence. Damn near anything can happen out there at this distance, so I will see how the night progresses.

Another wild card is Brent Bjerkness. He was going to do the 100M, but has an injury. He is stepping down to the 100k (still is not 100% he will be running it). If his foot does not give him any problems, he could take 1st.

Jean said...

Good luck to you this weekend, Steve! I hope you have a fantastic race and that everything goes great for you. All the best!

Jean said...

I just realized the Zumbro is next weekend. My schedule is completely screwed up this week. Regardless, I wish you good luck, Steve! :)

SteveQ said...

Hey, Jean, I'll take the good wishes for this weekend anyway - I'm doing the Ron Daws 25K.

Mitch R. said...

I am old and fat and just looking to finish.