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Friday, April 3, 2009

Zumbro - massive corrections

Apparently, I was the only entrant not to receive the info packet from Larry with all the registered entrants for the races! So, disregarding those who say they're doing the race but haven't paid yet:

100K: Eric Youngblom, Matt Patten, Justin Youngblom, Matt Long, Bohdan Stepchuk, Maria Barton, John Gustafson.

100 Mile: Scott Meyers, Garrett Mulrooney, Dale Humphrey, Nolan Ming, Rob Apple, Susan Donnelly, Darryl Saari, Steve Quick, Dallas Sigurdur, (Jerry Kramer?),Mitch Rossman, Steve Grabowski, Pierre Ostor, Lynn Saari, Andrew Pederson.

For those who are new to the sport, Apple's done more than 500 ultras! Mulrooney's one of those blasted triathletes - I don't really think he's going to be up front, but you never know; he'll be the guy with all the endorsement tags on his clothes.

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Steve said...

Molly Cochran informed me yesterday that Zach Pierce will also be joining the 100-mile fray, and she will be his pacer. Glad to see Zach in the mix!