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Friday, August 29, 2008

Who I'd Like to Meet

Of all the ultrarunners whose names seem to pop up in conversations, there aren't many I think I'd go out of my way to meet. Meltzer, maybe; I hear he's a nice guy. The one I'd really like to meet is Michelle Barton, who's been tearing up races for a couple of years. She doesn't seem to get the attention she deserves.

There's a great photo of her that just REFUSES to upload here, so once again, a link:

http://picasaweb.google.com/will.lafollette/2007JavelinaJundred/photo#5127261858596975042 Or, her and Ben Jones at Wild Wild West 50K

Okay, so maybe my interest isn't completely running related.


phillip said...

You're a hopeless romantic and blessed to be so.

Now I know the TRUE reason you're running the 100 mile Sawtooth:
The women of the Sawtooth are all beautiful on the trail.

The men? Well, men are men, with all of our foibles, but any woman who toes the line at Gooseberry State Park for the 100 mile attempt is truly gifted and lovely.

And the women at the aid stations are without equal. I hope I get to see them all . . . .

Phillip Gary Smith

Londell said...

You are a man to to much knowledge!

Julie B said...

I met Michelle at Leadville. She was not very happy,but she was very pretty. I ran past her at the river crossing on the way to Hope pass. A man coming at me for some reason (wrong direction) said "Oh, hi pretty lady" to me as I crossed and then saw Michelle cross and said "oh, wow, hi young chicka" at least he didn't call me an old lady..

SteveQ said...

Julie, Michelle's an unwed mother living with her parents, working part time selling sporting goods and playing guitar in a rock band on weekends. If she looks as good as you at 40, I'd be surprised.