"There's only one hard and fast rule in running: sometimes you have to run one hard and fast."

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Finally a Goal!

I've intentionally been vague about what time I hope to run the 100 miler next week, but I see that in 2003, Steve Krampe of Maplewood finished in 30:35:21. I HAVE to be the fastest guy named Steve from Maplewood! So, the goal's 30:35:20.

By the way, Steve Krampe's recovering from surgery to remove a cancerous tumor. Wish him well.


johnmaas said...

Hey Steve,
Best of luck to you at Superior!
It's good to have a goal....
Now go out and destroy it!

Diane said...

I think that's as good of a goal as any! Good luck!

Carl Gammon said...

Fastest guy named Steve from Maplewood?

Personally, I'm going after the coveted "fastest old guy with gray hair and glasses, who used to live in Hawaii and once fell down running on old lava" award. Think I have a chance?

sea legs girl said...

So what amount of running are you allowing yourself to do these days before the race?

And yes, Frankfort is certainly a hard capital to remember.

SteveQ said...

Just saw that Steve Krampe finished the old course at Superior in 26:56:33 in 1996 and 27:38:40 in 1998. That could be a little tougher to beat!

Tracy, I'm running only about 30 minutes per day, with weekend long runs just long enough to keep the fitness I have and doing a bit of uptempo running to keep it interesting (13.8 second 100 meter yesterday).

Gretchen Haas said...

Glad you mentioned that Steve's times were on the old course, which unarguably was easier than the current course.

keith said...

I know you have a good race ahead of you. I think half of the battle seems to be planning ahead for everything that might come your way in the 30 or so hours you're out on the trail.

See you at the finish!