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Monday, July 14, 2008

A slight technical problem

I can't get the video pasted here, due to some computer glitch, so I'll just give a link. You gotta see this! If you have a short attention span, start at 3 minutes in - be sure to catch the bit after the close credits. Ryan McDermott at Steort's Ridge:


I no longer fear the technical at Superior! (I do have a little vertigo, though.)


Londell said...

Holy shit dude.... This guys is nuts, or maybe really sane!

MN Ultra Runner said...

That guy is a stud! And half crazy..hopefully he never misses a hand or foot hold! Portions of his descent really remind me of SHT.

SteveQ said...

Since I posted this, the number of views of the video went from 171 to 654. A lot of those were me, but c'mon, you watched it more than once, didn't you? I've learned more about trail running from this than I have from anything else.

Kel said...

You could try a shorter, low altitude version along the Minnesota Strip at Taylor's Falls. Blue Moon is about a 5.5, or the Column a 5.6 - would make an interesting "run".

Jean said...

That guy is amazing!

Steve, does this in any way resemble that "2008 Chiwaupee" race that you reported on awhile back? :)

SteveQ said...

Jean, the only thing that resembles the Chiwaupee is the battle of Iwo Jima.