"There's only one hard and fast rule in running: sometimes you have to run one hard and fast."

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Envy (and very small world)

Julie had her annual running party on the Superior Trail this weekend and I see Helen's doing a beta run up there as well. Adam did his RTA hill run Saturday and then more hills at Hyland on Sunday. Keith ran out at Afton (as I expect many others did).

Man, I wish I were running well. Managed to get my bad leg out the door and ran for a while with Allan Holtz, who's always good for cheering one up. He told me all about Kyle Skaggs being the first to crack 24 hours at Hardrock. The 20 year-olds are discovering ultras!

Today, I bailed at 3 miles, exhausted. I just need to be able to do another 47 in two weeks!

I usually don't promote other people's blogs, but check out Lisa's description of her first marathon at the 1/2 Voyageur. I was planning on volunteering up there; wish I could've been there to cheer her on. Sounds like she's got a future at the distance.

Someone just spotted my Superior 50K shirt (blaze orange - you could see it from the moon) and asked me about it. Told me his nephew runs up there; Steve Schuder. Yeah, you might say I've heard of him. Then he asked me my name and said, "You ran for North High School, didn't you?" Well, yes, in the late Cenozoic era. "I taught there. I was the weight coach for the track team."


Lisa said...

Thanks for the kudos on the race report!

I was looking forward to running into you at one of the aid stations.

I will be at an aid station for the Full Voyageur again this year.

Amazed you are out there running. Guess I have no excuses to take much time off ;->

Julie B said...

It was a fabulous weekend and I wish you would have made it. You did state somewhere but I don't see it now, that you needed to become less 'frugal' (that isn't the word you used) and you were thinking a little luxury wouldn't kill you. I was going to post that this house would have been perfect. You didn't have to run, you could relax and enjoy. Did you delete a post or am I just missing it? Anyhow, I'm glad you are recovering .. just don't push it! Be happy to be covering a few miles, that's good enough for now! One day at a time..you know..one mile at a time..one mile a day..whatever. Just enjoy. Have fun. Forget the watch. Forget the mileage. Make running fun again. It can be!