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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Who's in the mix (updated, again)

Fab 5 Entries

Thought people might want to know who they're running against in the Fab 5 series. The following are already officially entered (there will be more by Saturday): Phillip Gary Smith, Joel Button, Wynn Davis, Wayne Nelson, Zach Pierce, Todd Rowe, John Strange, Mike Wischmann, Larry Butcher, Denese Lenertz, Steve Quick, Helen Lavin, Pam Nielsen, Judith Weller, Carl Gammon, Pete Anderson, Andrew Scobbie, Londell Pease, Diane Farmer, Justin Youngblom, Barry Fischer, Maria Barton, Sherren Clark, Ed Dallmann, Bryan Erickson, Mark Hanson, Adam Harmer, Kate Havelin, Keith Krone, David Pipho, Christopher Taylor, Brook Wheeler, Marise Widmer, Rochelle Wirth, Joe Ziegenfuss, Deb Vomhof, Mike Madden, James Collins, Julie Berg, Matthew Patten.

What I think about when not training

This taking time off tapering is getting old. If one runs the Chippewa Moraine 50K or any other out-and-back course, there is some point that it takes one exactly the same amount of time to reach from the start as it does from the turn-around point, even if you stop and eat lunch along the way. It's intuitively obvious: if there were two of you, one starting from each end of the course, you'd meet somewhere and it would take both the same time to get to the meeting point. The odd thing is that it can't be proven mathematically! People have been trying to prove it for at least 200 years (possibly since Pythagoras).

(Thursday) I just got an e-mail from Colin, who showed a simple intermediate value solution to the math problem, which means I mis-stated the problem.

The Big Taper

I've been eating, not running, and it's been difficult. That second 4000 calorie meal each day is the hard one ;) I still haven't been bored enough to shave the beard - maybe after the Chippewa snow festival - but I did do some gardening and went to see the blooming corpseflower at the McNeely Conservatory. It's not so bad as people say; but then again, I've endured running shoes that bleach wouldn't kill.

Fun With Audio

I added favorite music to my profile - all artists named for baked goods! I thought it was the worst possible theme, so I sent it along to my friend Ron Gerber, host of Crap From the Past, airing on KFAI 90.3/106.7 FM and streamed live, Friday nights at 10:30-12:00. Yeah, you're not listening then, but the shows are archived.

He was planning a show for Thanksgiving, based on desserts and asked if I'd help. I've done it before. Check out his archived shows - I co-hosted the August 29, 2003 show (1 1/2 hit wonders) and helped with a few others: December 3, 2004 (Christmas) and April 16, 2004 (Dance Craze. This is the one to hear!). I'd link directly to the audio files, but they're 90 minutes long. http://www.crapfromthepast.com/archives/index.htm


Bryan said...

Maybe Archytas or Philolaus, but I doubt the real Pythagoras would have been interested, as opposed to the reimagined Pythagoras of Iamblichus.

aharmer said...

Just think, in about 7 short weeks we'll be trying to figure out how to deal with the unbelievable heat wave that hits us at FANS. Then another 12 weeks after that it might snow again for Superior!