"There's only one hard and fast rule in running: sometimes you have to run one hard and fast."

Monday, March 3, 2008

How I Got Injured

Recent Training

2/25. 11 miles in 97. After two 20 milers, was nursing a bone bruise on my right heel. Happens all the time to me, so that's not the injury.

2/26. 11 miles in 98, some with Barb. Heard a red-winged blackbird. The males arrive, stake out a territory and call out loudly what a great lover they are and how badly they want sex. The females don't arrive for another three weeks. Just like every party I went to in college.

2/27. 11 miles in 97, with 5 times the Ohio Street Hill in 41 (HRav=142, pk=177). This was a failed benchmark workout. I was supposed to go up that hill, all-out, a dozen times, but needed to find a bathroom desperately and bagged the workout. Phillip says I should add what I learn from my runs - today I learned chocolate milk is a poor choice before a hard workout.

2/28. 4 in 31.5 In snow.

2/29. 4 in 35 In wind.

3/1. 25 in 3:44, HRav=125, pk=138. 10 times up the Mounds Hill. Did a lot of bird watching. Pigeons are cooing, which is a sign of spring. Robins are doing their spring call. The Mississippi was ice-free, so a bald eagle was doing some fishing. Saw a buteo, which took all 4 hours to determine it wasn't a red-tailed hawk, but a ferruginous; the underside of the tail wasn't pink, there wasn't a dark chest band, there were no tail bands and the underside was white, except for wing tips and dark legs. Yeah, the hill's getting a little dull.

3/2. 11.5 miles in 103, some with Pat Folman, some in freezing rain. Pat's finished the Superior 100 in a respectable time, so I was picking his brain for ideas on how to train for the rootfest that is the Superior Trail. That night, as I was taking out the trash, I slipped on the new ice and fell down the steps.

THATS how I got hurt. We'll see how badly soon enough.


keith said...

I hope you aren't injured seriously. Looks like you are in really good shape otherwise...sheesh, I am impressed with your workouts.

aharmer said...

On a positive note, at least it wasn't caused by a training error;) Can you share any of the nuggets you pulled from Pat on Superior?

SteveQ said...

It hurts to walk, stand, sit or lay down... otherwise, not bad. And chicks dig gimps.

Adam, Pat had the typical stomach problems everyone gets and he overheated when everyone else was freezing. We talked a lot about that. As for advice, he was saying training specifically for tree roots isn't really practical - one should work on high knee lift on hills when already fatigued.