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Friday, March 7, 2008

Ancient History

It was suggested that members of the UMTR board post their bios. I've intentionally not said much on this blog about my past running history, but thought I'd list the bio here for those who're interested.

Steve Quick, director of the Fab 5 Fifties series, tries to live up to his name. He won his first race at age 7, ran in the Minnesota state high school cross-country championship, ran for the University of Minnesota, ran 500 races in 30 years (including an indoor 3K in 8:55 and a 5 Mile in 25:29) and won the masters division of the 2003 Minnesota Trail Race Series. He is now learning how to race ultramarathons.

So, what's the verdict? (Impressive? Fossil? I have no life outside running?)


keith said...

I think yours should just say:

Steve Quick: Awesome.

Runner Brewer said...


Steve Quick, the name says it all.