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Monday, December 13, 2021

Dreaded Yearly Fashion Post 2021

 Nearly 10 months later than usual, but it's time to clean out some files, so here's the looks I decided were worth keeping on file. Most are from various award show red carpets and the vast majority come from the Twitter account of @joandarcdoll, who keeps meticulous records of photographers and designers. I do not. I don't even recall who some of the people are, so this is going to be pretty strictly clothes and what I liked.

Now I see they uploaded out of order. This is what happens when you stop blogging for a year. You're going to see the same dress three times (but it's worth it).

This was Anya Taylor-Joy's year. Not only did her career keep getting hotter, her fashion choices have become the best. I like the color and cut of this, but what makes it is the detail on the separate arm pieces (I can't call them gloves), which elevate what is otherwise just a nice backless tulle.

I didn't see a ton of bright colors, but Zendaya in lemon is a windswept California summer. This is my favorite of hers in years, perhaps of all time.
I tacked on a bunch of Jessica Chastain photos at the last moment. She's managed to have several completely different looks, all classics. What's more, she looks like she's had a blast. I like this outfit, but not on her; it's not the orange hair and red dress problem, but the cut isn't flattering. Perhaps if the pieces weren't matching - the lines look right on the jacket top, but not the bottom.
The name escapes me (it's in my notes somewhere). This very simple dress cleverly adds asymmetric texture at the hip to avoid sameness and then mirrors it in the peculiar band that wraps bust and arms. I've never seen this done before and I'm not sure how wearable it is; can you move your arms?! It is a terrific clean look.
Jessica again. This particular shade of electric cobalt blue has made itself known a few times this year and it looks good on almost everyone. Jessica showed a lot of leg in a lot of outfits this year and I think I liked all of them... er, both of them.
Honestly, this might have been intended for my "Dressed Wrong for Trail Running" collection.
The first photo of what is hands-down the best dress of the year. The back-hanging necklace, which is attached to the dress, mind you, draws ones eyes from her great up-do (I have the name of who did her hair and makeup somewhere) down the sinuous slope of her spine to the body of the dress itself.
Jane Levy makes this somewhat busy dress look right. I want to hate this; the oversized tacked-on detail is problematic, the transition from a mermaid body to a flounce that actually looks like a mermaid's tail (or a lobster's) is awkward, the placement of the cutouts is suspect... but it all comes together.
Chastain again. The dress was just okay, but this portrait is one for the ages.
This particular shade of grey was popular. I wanted to compare this with another photo that's (let's see) the last one in this post. Now that I look, the color and the lighting make that comparison tough.
With no notes, the nails here say "Queen's Gambit," so probably Anya again.
um, not sure what I was going to say about Carey Mulligan.
The person who figured out how to do remote awards and social media was Kaley Cuoco. There's a few of her in this thread. Staged? Probably. It does make a great photo.
Margot Robbie always looks good. It wasn't the dress so much as her hair (and makeup) that caught my eye here. On anyone else, this would be disastrous, but on her it's gorgeous. This is my favorite look for her this year (there were a ton to choose from).
Kaley in her backyard in what looks like an informal shot until you see what's coming. It's also a great dress. The way the pattern flows in size with the lines of the dress is spectacular.
If you're going to wear comfortable shoes, go all the way.

Another Kaley shot. This could have turned out looking like a mariachi band uniform, but doesn't. This is a great way to wear pants to a formal occasion. And those shoes!!

I love the weight, the heft, of the fabric here and the swept back hair adds to the elegance. What cast?
Gal Gadot had what seemed like an off year to me, but this look is special. It's another one that could go wrong easily - shoulder flounces are not a good look usually - but it's elegant while looking comfortable, which is rare.
again, not sure what I was going to say about the 1920s flapper look. Not a lot of people could wear this.
This Taylor-Joy look is confusing. The leopard hat and gloves must be a nod to the 1960s look of "Last Night in Soho." Nothing is right here, but I keep coming back to it.
Veronica Lake hair, backless, and with another detail that wraps around the bust and arms (a trend only in my mind). The dark salmon color is memorable and stood out in a crowd.
Anya again in THE dress. This just leaves me speechless.
I think I planned some joke about looking like a trophy here.
I like this. End of statement.
Before someone says I don't have anyone over 40 on here.
Isla Fisher. I don't remember what I was going to say. Maybe that she matched the decor?
Another great look that's just inches away from being a disaster.

Kaley relaxing in the dress seen above. Well, starting to relax.
Another stunner from Anya Taylor-Joy. This could have been the best look of the year, if she hadn't topped herself.
Elle Fanning looks poured into this liquid dress. It's a departure from what she's known for and I think it's a maturing in style.
Thomasin McKenzie had a number of great moments that were spoiled with a goofy grin (something I'm guilty of too), but this is lovely.

I love floral prints, but they're hard to do in formal wear and this is perfect. The red opera gloves are inspired.
Anya, yet again in the dress to end all dresses.
Another Chastain flashing some leg, but it's a very different look. With the bangs, I wasn't even sure it was her at first.
Joan (really a good follow on Twitter) has made a case for Miley Cyrus being at the forefront of fashion. We agree on this outfit, which I've seen on a few people. This busy of a print rarely looks good, but this is ideal for almost any occasion.
Many years ago, I said I wanted someone to show up at an awards show in a light blue or seafoam satin sheath and now someone has. It's lovely. I have no idea who this is or what the show was, though.
Lady Amelia Windsor in a simple... taupe?
I swear I had a funny photo of Kaley to end with. Well, that's 2021: late, rushed, amateurish, and on a blog, which no one reads any more. Here's to 2022!

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wildknits said...

I still have your blog pinned and read it when you post.

Fashion is just not my thing, but I really look forward to your annual posts. That one dress (three different photos) looks like it would be hard to do anything but stand still in.