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Monday, January 7, 2019

The Dreaded Yearly Fashion Post 2019

I've done a recap of fashion from the Golden Globes every year since 2012. They've been some of my most popular posts, though I'm not sure why. Last night, I didn't care for the job the hosts did and disagreed with who won most of the awards, but there were some lovely dresses.

Lady Gaga wore at least 8 of them at once.
It's a great dress and I like that she tinted her hair to match, but it's too much for the room. Literally. You expect her to go too far, so it's somewhat forgivable, but the Golden Globes are not formal enough for this dress. Versailles may not be.

I think Emma Chang did it better in blue and I really like the comfortable-looking shorts hidden underneath.

There were a surprising number of blue dresses, of every shade, and most of them were terrific.
Camilla Belle. Not a fan of the eye shadow, but it kind of works

Allison Janney. This is a really flattering choice for her and the necklace, if a bit chunky, helps.
It's Kelleth Cuthbert with the Fiji Water that had the most seen blue dress, though.

What happened to the Pantone color of the year "Living Coral?" Well, some tried. The problem with it is that the dye looks different - pink or orange - depending upon how deeply it penetrates into fabric, making matching impossible. There were some interesting ways around that, however.

Patricia Clarkson went with orange AND pink. The result was not good, but better than expected.
Danai Gurira's dress was one-shoulder red metallic on orange. That being insufficient, a huge bow and train was added to the shoulder; it's not terrible, but it's not well thought-out.

There was a lot of blush/pink.
Emmy Rossum in bubblegum
Emma Stone looked washed out.

Kiki Layne. Understated and elegant, yet interesting. And best hair of the night!
Kristen bell went almost minimalist. The shoulder detail and bracelets work together well.

Lucy Liu. There's a lot going on here, yet the dress looks like a shrimp summer roll.
I really wish there were some way to make that last comment without sounding racist.

Lili Reinhart went a little more red.
Holly Taylor went even redder. I like this, but it looks like two dresses forced together.

Halle Berry also went dark red with a dress that looked sexy from the front, but a little trashy at times.

Lupita Nyong'o, right, also had a rare off night.
There were, as always, metallic dresses, this year mostly in champagne as a color. Emily Blunt's dress looks like it's being shredded from the bottom.

Felicity Huffman wasn't even recognizable at first. The dress is blah.

Irina Shayk looke good, mostly because she's Irina Shayk, and that arm candy helps, too.
I really like the butterfly print on Leslie Bibb's dress - the dress is nothing without it - but I think it would've been better on someone else. She needed more color.

There was some black and white color blocking going on last night as well.Amber Heard channeled a Disney princess.
Charlize Theron was picked by some as best dressed. Her black top required dress tape for when she sat down, and I deduct points for lack of functionality.
Kaley Cuoco altered this pattern by using dark blue and white, with a black belt. She also had the most comfortable shoes of the evening.
There were a ton of green dresses, too. I'm omitting them for space. they were all okay, but not great.

When there was a crowd shot, I asked myself who that was in yellow. It was Rachel Brosnahan. I wouldn't have considered this shade for her, but it really brought out her skin tones and the color of her eyes. There are small things about the dress I didn't care for (e.g. the detail at her tailbone), but the overall effect was stunning at a distance.
Sofia Carson's dress has made some worst-dressed lists, but I liked it. I don't think she knows how to pose in these dresses properly yet, though.
Taylor Swift wore a more structured and architectural dress than usual for her and I think it was a good choice.
It did cause some to ask "when did she get boobs?" This profile looks more like Christina Hendricks!
Co-host Sandra Oh wore three outfits during the evening, all by female designers. It was her fourth outfit of the night, at the after party, that I like best.
I'm not going to mention the dresses I didn't like, because I try to put myself in their position.
"I hear Steve's watching this while wearing vintage couture."

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