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Sunday, October 28, 2018

Planks and Kicks

This is the last of these posts on non-running stuff I do. This one is more strengthening than flexibility.

First, a prone plank (as in photo below). There's no need to do this for more than 2 minutes. Keeping your back straight, alternately lift one leg at a time, doing 20 kicks per side.
Next, "fire hydrants" and "donkey kicks." With the knee bent, raise your leg to the side 20 times, then to the rear 20 times.

Next, supine plank leg lifts. 15x each leg. If you have Haglund's, these will hurt at first.
Finally, side plank leg raises for the abductor (upper leg) and adductor (lower leg), 15 each (and of course, repeated lying on the other side). When doing the abductor exercise, try to keep the leg behind the line of the body, raising to the back.

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