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Sunday, July 15, 2018

3:00 Marathon Training Re-Imagined

First things first: I'm not training to break 3. Those days are last millennium. Age-grading puts me at 3:10-3:15 and I'm more 3:45 shape right now.

I was looking at the Hanson's FIRST 3 day per week marathon training program and my main issue with it is that there's no training long at race pace (such as 20 miles with the last 10 at marathon pace). Then I looked at Brad Hudson's masters 3 days per week program. Then I thought about Jack Foster's program (two days per week of 15 miles and one of 20 - all at 6 minutes per mile - with a day of 3-4 hours biking and one of the 15 milers having repeat 1000m at marathon with 600m recoveries).

Maybe it can be done.

M 0
T 21.5 in 3:00 with 9 at 6:51/mile
W 0
Th 21.5 in 3:00 with either 1/2 mile or 1/4 mile hill repeats, [I'd do 7xOhio Street (0.4345 miles up, 174 feet of climb) or 14xRamsey Hill (0.2156 miles up, 117 feet of climb, but doing loops of Ramsey/Summit/Irvine/Pleasant) at steady pace.
F 0
Sa 24 in 3:00

That's the right number of miles, the right number of minutes, the right amount of tempo running, the right amount of speed. Three long runs per week, though...

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