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Thursday, December 14, 2017

Rebuilding Year (with added bit)

I'd planned to do the indoor track season this winter - it starts Saturday - but I can't whip myself into shape in 6 weeks like I used to. So now I'm looking at getting in shape before I attempt anything big.

Current training

[easy pace is 9 min./mile]
Monday AM 4 miles, with 4x50m hill sprints
               PM 3 miles
Tuesday 6 miles with 3x1200m in 5 (5K pace) - 400m in 2.5
Wednesday AM 4 miles with 6x100m strides
                    PM 3 miles
Thursday 7 miles, with last 4.5 at 1/2 marathon pace (7:45/mile)
Friday [off]
Saturday 6 miles with 6x400m hill (100 ft. climb) in 2:00
Sunday 11 miles

Every third week, I cut everything by a third.

When I stop improving, I'll focus more.

Added 12/15

A couple of people pointed out to me that there were few days without some speed work and wondered how I'd measure improvement, so here's what a final 19:00 5K plan would look like:

M 3 in 25
T 8.5 in 70 w/ 8x400 in 82.5, 3-4min. recovery
W 3
Th 8.5 w/ 13x400m hill in 2:25to 2:30
F 0
Sa 8.5 w/ last 5.5 in 40-45
S 11 in 90
M 3
T 8.5 w/ 4x1200 in 4:30, 2-2.5 min. recovery
W 3
Th 8.5 w/ 8x20 sec. hill sprint (50m @ 400 to 800m pace), 3-5 min. recovery
F 0
Sa 8.5 w/ 5K race or 3 in 20-22
S 11

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