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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Generalized Training Schedule

I've been asked how I run when I'm not training for something specific. Here's a schedule of how I plan to train for a while - it's pretty good for racing from as little as a mile up to about 25-30K.

Monday 5 miles AM, 5 miles PM
Tuesday 12 miles with 10x400m @ 1 mile pace with 3-5 minute recoveries.
Wednesday 5 AM, 5 PM
Thursday 10 with 20x400m hill (100 foot climb per hill)
Friday (rest)
Saturday 12 with last 6 at marathon pace
Sunday 16
Monday 3 AM, 3 PM
Tuesday 10 with 5x 1 mile at 5K/10K pace with 3-4 minute recoveries
Wednesday 3 AM, 3 PM
Thursday 10 with 6x50m sprints (long recoveries)
Friday (rest)
Saturday 10 with race or 10K time-trial.
Sunday 12

I usually give schedules based on time rather than distance. This one, with easy runs done at 9 minutes per mile, is a good 1/2-marathon schedule, at 8:15-8:30 per mile is a good 15K/10 mile schedule and at 7:45 is a good 10K schedule. The interval workouts are HARD - they're more aspirational than realistic.

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